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Breaking Agreements, Chinese ‘Truths’

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 6, 2014

China is a country which embraces deceit. I mean this literally. To them a con artist or skillful liar is a person to be envied. Read about how they lied about not using that dirty old hulk of an aircraft carrier from Ukraine.


In 1998, Ukraine sold the hulk of the former Soviet aircraft carrier Varyag to China for US$20,000 and stipulated in the contract that the carrier could not be used for military purposes.

As subsequent events have shown, Beijing did not comply with the restriction. The Chinese military managed to complete a refit of the ship and commissioned it into the PLA Navy as China’s first aircraft carrier, thed Liaoning, in 2012.

In the process of rebuilding the ship, China requested access to key technology from Ukraine several times but was rejected on each occasion. The situation changed after Yanukovych became president in 2010, however.

Under Yanukovych, Chinese military personnel were allowed to visit the NITKA (Ground Aviation Training and Research Complex) in Crimea on a regular basis, and China also obtained all the necessary technology to rebuild the carrier, the report said.



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