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Chinese Soldiers Suck

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 14, 2014

Chalk this up to another thing that China cannot produce- warriors…

Six hundred thirty French and a couple of companies of the FFL help off 12,000 Chinese for 4 months….

From the comments

By some insane Chinese ‘logic’, the entire South China Sea area belongs to them, for real humans, this is a joke. Here is an …

The Siege of Tuyen Quang was an important confrontation between the French and the Chinese armies in Tonkin (northern Vietnam) during the Sino-French War (August 1884 – April 1885). A French garrison of 630 men, including two companies of the French Foreign Legion, successfully defended the French post of Tuyen Quang against vastly superior Chinese forces (12000) in a four-month siege from 24 November 1884 to 3 March 1885.


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