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China’s History of Pussdom

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 2, 2014

China likes to bemoan the fact that it has historically been the victim of foreign invasion. Chicom TV blasts this message all day long.

‘Never forget the national humiliation!’ They scream and then cast aspersions on the US, Japan, great Britain and anyone else.

The only question I have is,’Is it just me or are the Chinese announcing what a nation of wussies they have always been?

Essentially that is what they are saying. They have been the ‘doughnut hole’ of the world for millennia. By saying that they have always been invaded, the Chinese admit that they lacked the brass to defend themselves. The ‘Big Fence ‘that took them 1800 years to make did not keep our the Mongols nor anyone else, they merely went around it and took what they wanted.the Japanese did not have to conted with the ‘Fence’ as they twice made China their own.

This pattern has played out for the entire history of China. At one time or another they have been somebody’s bitch. This sounds rough, but it is true. In fact, the Chinese do not deny this.

What this means is that the Chinese do not possess the fighting spirit now, nor have they ever had it. Theirs is a culture of self loathing and deceit which has little to offer anyone , including themselves. Now that they are cashed up they would like us to think they pose a threat, but in reality they do not. Other than exterminating one another and making homicidal products, the Chinese will only harm one another, just as they have done for 5000 years.

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