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Chinese Paramilitary, Scared Shitless

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 2, 2014

Take a look at these one-dud policy bums. Rather than having that razor sharp look of highly skilled professionals, they look scared shitless. I think the guy on the right pissed himself.

The reasons for this are that they are in Urumuqi, a place which just set off a bomb before China’s king commie left the place. In addition to this, these guys are scared because they are twats. Chinese are semi sick of communism and the ‘kill all but one child policy’ has reduced the Chinese to aberrations of the natural order of things and it shows. Their distrust and anger is palpable, and they have little to look forward to in the future. Most cannot buy a home and the men cannot get a wife for there are 30 million to many men. This may be for the best, however, as Chinese women have the charm of Alzheimer’s, teeth like mortar and bodies as appealing as a kick to the nuts.

The truth is that these people know that there is no benefit in them risking their lives for the party as it would not do so for them.

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