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Difference Between America and China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 5, 2014

These pics and sentiments come from a Chinese website. It shows the big difference between the USA and China.

Essentially, the photos show how we are humane and caring and people from China act barbaric and loathsome towards those with little money, infants and women.

Despite what some say, communism is not the cause for this behavior. It is part of Chinese history. If you read, you will find this to be true.

This is us

Below is a quality Chinese school bus versus one from the US. I wonder who values children more

Chinese concern for the elderly

Chinese abusing the poor

The difference between rich and poor in China’s schools

Communists treating the rest as pigs or servants

My two cents
Chinese culture is barbaric, isolationist and violent. The world is ill prepared to deal with a country like this.

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