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List of China’s Friends

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 18, 2014

Beautiful rant by Mig. He is talking about China’s south Sea aggression

‘where is the “correlation of forces” as the Soviets used to say?

well, who are china’s greatest friends and allies? well, it is not a spectacular lineup, is it?

china’s friends:

1. the DPRK (close to a lunatic society)
2. Pakistan (close to a failed state and nuclear armed)
3. until recently: Myanmar, who said: “Fuck you stinking chinese locusts” and decided to dance with the West instead.

Who else….WHO ELSE is china’s friend and ally? WHO ELSE? …yeah some sudanese warlord who rapes and kills whole families…ok..but WHO ELSE? Russia? oh no. hahaha. Trust me, the russians do not trust the chinese.

who are Europe’s and USA’s allies? many many many 😀

russia and putin look down on china and their cheating culture and its ruling clique (those murderers and rapists and thieves who are in beijing and Xi Jinping is the master-rapist, thief, murderer and chinese master street shitter.

Check RT (stalin’s….eeeeh…putin’s mouthpiece): they regularly fry china alive and its rapists and murderers in the so called CCP.. I do not see any sympathy for the chinese on the moscow-propaganda channel RT. That says a lot about russia’s attitude to china.

and what does china broadcasts on its sick north-korean-like cctv channels this week?

“China is the leading civilization on earth”
“China just announced a new partnership with Russian Laowais who are inferior to china and our leaders! china dictates russias moves” (where? when? who? what? lol!)
“China’s culture is the first in the world and the finest continous civilization on earth”
“Pay allegiance to the party. reject all foreigners, divorce your foreign husband, be always a chinese”
“make chinese more white by using white foreigners for a handsome future of the chinese race”
“kill all japanese men, women and children!”
“destroying the USA and EUis the first duty of a chinese partriot!”
“all foreigners are stupid”
“use and kill all white and black people to ensure the supremacy of the chinese race”

you need to understand chinese and live in china for a significant amount of time to understand how sick and insecure and hateful and..poor and empty entities chinese are. how ridiculous and hateful and primitive china is and how their prostitute and laughable media works. welcome to china! can you use chopsticks?’

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