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Mao’s Kill Quota and Communist China- Murder 1 in 1,000

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 28, 2014

Mao is known as the greatest murderer of all times. Tells you something about the Chinese that they idolize the guy who exterminated so many of them. In order to achieve his goals, Mao implemented a kill quota or number of people that communist cadres should kill.

The monsters who embraced this system had children and those people now run this dump. The same psychotic blood courses through their veins and is flamed by absolute power and a culture of death.

Here is a quote from ‘The. Tragedy of Liberation’ by Dikotter

Like steel production or grain output, death came with a quota mandated from above. Luo Ruiqing could not possibly oversee the arrest, trial and disposal of the many millions who became the targets of terror, so instead Mao handed down a killing quota as a rough guide for action. The norm, he felt, was one per thousand, a ratio he was willing to adjust to the particular circumstances of each region. His subordinates kept track of local killing rates like bean counters, occasionally negotiating for a higher quota. In May 1951 Guangxi province, for instance, was told to kill more, even though a rate of 1.63 per thousand had already been achieved. Guizhou province, destabilised by popular uprisings, requested permission to kill three per thousand, and the Liuzhou region five per thousand. ‘The provincial party committee of Guizhou requests a target of three per thousand, that too is too much, I feel. This is how I look at it: we can go over one per thousand, but not by too much.’ Once a death rate of two per thousand had been achieved, the Chairman opined, people should be sentenced to life imprisonment and sent to work in labour camps.

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