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Chinese Woman Beaten to Death at McDonalds, No One Helps- Disturbing Video

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 31, 2014

China likes to complain about Japan and threaten to wipe them off the map just for GP. Like most cowards, they make a lot of noise until bullets start flying. In Nanjing, a few thousand Japanese waited in and literally owned them. Rather than fight, Chinese ‘men’ stood, mouths agape as their women were taken and families killed. They even say that Chinese ‘soldiers’ and cops ditched their uniforms and walked away, rather than facing punishment. As a result, China got abused.

The ‘tough’ gene in China has obviously been overtaken by the ‘wuss’ strand or maybe its just the general twat factor. In any event, the Chinese are at their best when running, cowering or paying bribes.

Check out this video of a young girl being beaten to death in front of a packed house at McDonalds. What is really bizarre is that not only did the customers not try to help, but they just sat there and watched. The guy videoing, for example, has enough balls to video the murder, but when the attacker looks his way, he merely hides his camera.

The others are upset that the victims shrieks and cries for help make it hard for them carry on a decent phone call and they tell her to shut up.

In the end, her lifeless form slumps on the ground in a pool of blood and the Chinese go on with their lives.

Do we really need these people in our country?

2 Responses to “Chinese Woman Beaten to Death at McDonalds, No One Helps- Disturbing Video”

  1. Change said

    this video has been removed. here are other links for you:


    I want to quote 2 commenters on liveleak:

    “Chinese people are sick people.

    No morals
    Gross looking
    Not attractive
    Can’t Drive
    No common sense
    Pathological Liars

    Please don’t give me your bullshit about being racist and what not.. I fly to China 3 times a year and work with them. Not all of them are like this but alot are.”

    “have also to do with chinese people, you can simply see it in their eyes that they would kill for success”

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