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Chinese Man Killed for Killing Killers

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 22, 2014

China’s communists have a fetus hit squad called the one-child party enforcers. These stalwarts of communist morals roam the Chinese countryside seeking out couples with an extra kid. Should couples found to be so bold, their kids are either taken and sold on the black market, turned i to prostitutes and work at communist sponsored brothels or if they are too young, they are killed in utero.

Being communists, these people are at their best when their victims are ill protected, under age and relatively weak.

Karma being what it is, some commie baby killers got their comeuppance, they were killed by an angry dad. The sad thing is that this dad now gets the death penalty for killing those baby butchers.

Where else but communist China do party members get more protection than the u born?


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China Jails People for Supporting Comrade Xi’s Anti-corruption Campaign

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 19, 2014

Xi Jinoing says he wants to stop corruption but when Chinese help him he jails them. He does not want them to investigate the wealth of Chinese officials. Could this be due to the facte Xi’s family is filthy rich?


BEIJING — A court in eastern China on Thursday sentenced to up to 6 ½ years in prison three activists who were part of a nascent civil rights movement that has urged government officials to publicly disclose their assets.

The sentences, decried by other dissidents as excessively heavy, reflect the increasingly hard line that China’s Communist Party has taken against political dissent, no matter how peacefully expressed or loosely organized. Party leaders have been wary of any independent social force with the potential to threaten the party’s rule by mobilizing groups of people and have sought to quash the loosely knit New Citizens Movement that the three activists were part of.



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The Truth of Living in China-Lying, Stealing and Oppression

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 14, 2014

Great comment on China…..

The author is commenting on the video of a Chinese woman being beaten to death as Chinese ‘men’ and women looked on.

Some people from India told me that they have never seen such a cruel race as the Chinese…

China likes to complain about Japan and threaten to wipe them off the map just for GP. Like most cowards, they make a lot of …

this video has been removed. here are other links for you:


I want to quote 2 commenters on liveleak:

“Chinese people are sick people.

No morals
Gross looking
Not attractive
Can’t Drive
No common sense
Pathological Liars

Please don’t give me your bullshit about being racist and what not.. I fly to China 3 times a year and work with them. Not all of them are like this but alot are.”

“have also to do with chinese people, you can simply see it in their eyes that they would kill for success”

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Massacre in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 4, 2014

Twenty five years ago today, nobody was killed in Beijing. It was all lies and dirty capitalist propaganda.

Today armed guards did not swarm over Beijing because it is a peaceful place….

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