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Chinese Man Killed for Killing Killers

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 22, 2014

China’s communists have a fetus hit squad called the one-child party enforcers. These stalwarts of communist morals roam the Chinese countryside seeking out couples with an extra kid. Should couples found to be so bold, their kids are either taken and sold on the black market, turned i to prostitutes and work at communist sponsored brothels or if they are too young, they are killed in utero.

Being communists, these people are at their best when their victims are ill protected, under age and relatively weak.

Karma being what it is, some commie baby killers got their comeuppance, they were killed by an angry dad. The sad thing is that this dad now gets the death penalty for killing those baby butchers.

Where else but communist China do party members get more protection than the u born?


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