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Russia Downs Airplane , China Dogs the USA

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 21, 2014

How funny is this?

Great example of how China’s mass is warping the moral reality in which we live. China has a policy of non intervention in the affairs of other nations. All China wants to do is make a buck, without worrying about those nasty things called human rights. This makes sense due to China’s on-going war against the unborn, religion, foreign firms and the marginalized.

China is loathe to condemn or even hint that Russia may have had a hand in downing a Malaysian aircraft. This makes sense insofar as China’s besties are those thugs championing the global tailspin towards a world with dictatorial thugs, such as the ones who lead us into to WW2. Of course China still calls that event ‘The battle against Japanese invasion’. Yes, the Chinese fail to recognize the time frame of the Second World War as anything more than a period when Japan invaded China. Other than that, nothing much was happening around the globe. Shockingly enough, I have been in class with Chinese who seem startled at this revelation.

Beijing rhetoric has it that the communist party ran off the Japanese, a thing many Chinese apparently belivpieve.

Article on how China turns the Russia / Malaysian aircraft issue into an anti-western rant.

Link to read more

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