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Why Chinese Women Prefer Foreign. Men in a Picture

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 24, 2014

Chinese women who, blessed with hexagonal teeth, pustule like chests and dragon breath, are fed up with Chinese men. I assume telescope length glass perched atop smuxhed jello like noses is part of the reason. Aside from this, it may be that the defining characteristic of such ‘men’ is how little they resemble that word.

Men, for instance, have testosterone, a muscular frame and nuts. Chinese quasi males, on the other hand, teeter along on darning needles balancing on feet no larger than than an hangnail. When competing on wingspan, they lose to a common house moth and in chest cavity are lesser than a kitten. And these are their strong suits.

Perhaps the photo below exemplifies why Chinese women do not want their men. In the Darwinian world of survival of the species, Chinese dudes are soon to be an endangered breed.

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  1. Change said


    Why Foreign Men do not Prefer Chinese Women in a Picture

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