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Article Explaining Why Chinese Women Dislike Chinese Men

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 26, 2014

Anyone who has spent time in hell,

Has undoubtedly noticed how utterly plain the Chinese are. Of course kindness is a virtue of mine and I am stretching the adjective ‘plain’ to its utter limits. The women are built like boys and the men like women but with larger breasts and butts. Neither soap nor deodorant grace the pocked flesh of either species and halitosis is their favorite mouthwash. What they lack in hygiene and looks they make up for in brutality and a sharp tongue.

While sitting with Chinese colleagues at a local cesspool, restaurant, I ask them just why it is that the Chinese are so fugly. I dare them to look around and identify one looker in the bunch. Their eyes are met with visions of ham fisted locals slopping noodles, rice and rat meat cum ‘steak’ into their rancid maws all the while screeching into their cell phones.

They say the sight is just ‘normal’ Chinese.

‘Proves my point,’ I quip.

Thousands of years of separation from real humans has left the Chinese with no options. They had to take Chinese men. Not that Chinese women are anything special, unless you admire underarm hair, indian corn colored misshapen teeth that DiVinci could,not set right, and conversation which revolves around purchasing things and loathsome self comparisons to her ‘friends’ , as loose as that word is defined here.

In a word, Chinese women are less than average. Unfortunately for them, the men are worse. As I said, for thousands of year the Chinese women have had no choice and were stuck with boar skulled men to whom kidney punches are foreplay. All of that has begun to change, however.

Now that humans are allowed into this dump, the women have reached an epiphany, the men are pretty skank. Due to an excess of 30 million men here, the women have an elevated sense of self and their ‘beauty’, but have a good handle on the opposite sex. They now realize that ‘men’ with the shoulder width of an Ipad are not worthy of that term. In addition, ‘frail’ is a term better used for fine China than for the hands of one’s mate.

Unfortunately for the women, there are too few foreigners here. Thus, about 659,945,000 of them must marry a local. But then again, that is about 659,945,950 more Chinese women than those who truly deserve a foreign guy.

My fingers ache so the rant is over but check this out. An article on how fetid the Chinese women think that the man swamp here is.

“The concept that “men are superior to women” had dominated Chinese society for millenniums until the founding of New China in 1949, after which Chairman Mao Zedong declared that, “women hold up half the sky”.

However, a recent article, belittling the image of Chinese men, on Tianya Community, a very popular domestic social network website,

Titled “Women in Shanghai streets are obviously at a higher level than men”, the posting on Tianya says: “China’s men nowadays are either poorly dressed or ill-behaved, compared with the fashionable, graceful and attractive female partners alongside them … None of the Chinese men are comfortable-looking.” Opinions expressed by netizens who think likewise follow the posting.

(Fashionable Chinese women?? Where?)

This is not the first time that Chinese men’s image has been smeared. In 2003, Yan Lieshan, an essayist, wrote an article saying: “Chinese women, either female migrant workers in ordinary clothes or well-dressed office-going women, are all in good shape, but Chinese men extensively have a lackluster face, dry hair and puzzled eyes … Seldom does one meet a Chinese man with a fit build and gentle demeanor … thus Chinese men are not worthy of Chinese women.”

Chinese men suffered another blow when surveys conducted by a Shanghai-based researcher echoed Yan’s views on Chinese men. Since 2007 Zhang Jiehai, a psychologist with Shanghai’s Academy of Social Sciences, has conducted several surveys on “Chinese men in the eyes of Western women” and the results have been similarly disappointing. According to his surveys, most Western women believe Chinese men pay very little attention to their appearance, including their clothes, hairstyle, figure and demeanor. As a result, Western women take no interest in Chinese men.”



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