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Is China Really Communist? Does a Bear Shit in the Woods?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 3, 2014

It is in the interest of so many groups to convince us that China is not too bad. Even more, they say, its not really communist. Hmmmm, tell that to all the people doing time for trying to even speak about democracy.


‘China is not really communist,’ travelers say after a quick trek across across Beijing and more likely Shanghai. ‘Hell, they are even more capitalist then we are. Did you see all those people selling stuff on the streets?’

‘Sure did. Heck, they even have more Starbucks than we do,’ jokes another.

China, communist at home
And so it goes, China morphs into being what the communist party wants it to be. All things to all people at home Xi Jinping is called Comrade Xi, the leader of the communist party, and overseas he is hailed as President Xi. Of course he does hold both titles so why the name change?

At home the communist party (CCP) must tout its cred as the savior of China. They do this by playing up fears of foreign invasion and how only the CCP can protect them from this. In order to bolster this idea, they fill the airwaves with pro communist propaganda thinly veiled as TV shows and ‘news’.


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