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Beijing Randomly Drug Testing Foreigners

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 10, 2014

Beijing has singled out foreigners for drug testing. They are raiding bars and yanking guys to the restrooms for a sample. Reportedly a foreigner hot popped just the other day and he was shipped home. English teachers are the focus.

Funny how China makes about 80% of drug precursors for ice, ketamine etc and ships it to the USA without any recriminations but yet is targeting foreigners for using weed.

Quote from the Beijinger
China used weed in herbal medicine thousands of years before the British gov’t told them it was ‘BAD’. Which is purely to protect monetary intrerests. Not going into it.

As for ‘drugs’… ephedra is still TOTALLY legal in China. One makes normal meigwo meth from pseudoephedrine (English speakers should well know that pseudo means fake [in this case synthesised])… one makes lao ban meth from ephedra.

In Yunnan, weed grows on the side of the road. China is the biggest producer of RCs in the world. RCs are LEGALLY MANUFACTURED here and then shipped to the rest of the world.

TCM employs shitloads of dangerous and untested drugs, RCs are made all over China specifically designed to FLOUT international drug laws.

Yeah… if you are smoking ILLEGAL weed with your piss-poor 10nm CB1 and 24nm CB2 affinities you are an idiot and deserve to go to prison. If one smokes then one would (I assume) smoke the LEGAL stuff that one can taylor to one’s own personal preferences with up to 500nm CB1 and 400nm CB2 affinities.

Let’s recap.

Smoke illegal drug – BAD… NAUGHTY LAOWAI!

Smoke legal drug 300-400x stronger – Take it home! Tell a friend! Hey, you want to ship this stuff back home I give you GOOD DEAL!

I personally think drugs are bad. Illegal drugs are VERY bad. Legal drugs are legal and I am a strict adherent to the principles and laws of the PRC.

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