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Sex is Why China Drug Testing Foreiners-Kicking out the Competition

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 11, 2014

Here is an article explaining why china is drug testing foreigners at random. The communist thugs literally raided bars and forced only the non-Chinese to pee in a cup. Aside from their innate need to discriminate, the Chinese did this to eliminate foreign men who are competition for Chinese women. After all, if given the choice, who would be with a dude from China.

The new law is just another reminder to the world that China dislikes us and resents how easy it is for us to get women there when the typical Chinese guy is lucky to get a kiss in his whole life. Perhaps if they would hit the weight room and invest in dental care, they could increase their odds of doing so, but probably not. Even Chinese women don’t want men the size of a paper cup.


I am going to go out on a limb and propose an idea that may seem fantastic to anyone who has never lived in China. To those of us who have, the idea will seem quite sound. Be forewarned this post is politically incorrect, scandalous and downright one-sided, so enjoy.

China’s drug testing policy is all about sex
Beijing’s new policy of randomly drug testing foreigners is nothing but another attempt at protecting local markets- women. The policy is aimed at intimidating and ridding the middle kingdom of foreign invaders who are winning the hearts and minds of Chinese women. In a country with 30 million ‘spare guys’, this makes sense.

Beijing is rounding up foreigners and making them pee in a cup. This move is ostensibly geared towards ridding China of meddling foreigners and their heathen ways. Human rights and discrimination aside, this brazen attack is yet another reminder that China will do what it takes to protect local markets.

According to the grapevine, China is ridding itself of expats in Beijing. The target of this campaign seems to be English teachers, who Beijing contends, are notorious drug users. At first blush this seems to make no sense. With China’s emphasis on English training, they would be killing the golden goose by shooing away native speakers. The problem, however, goes much deeper than this. It is all about sex.

Chinese women like foreign men
It is no secret that foreigners are a premium in China. Fat, skinny, short, ugly and old, they can all find a Chinese ‘honey’ or two. In fact, it is not uncommon to see men in their 60s and 70’s with a twenty year old Chinese woman on their arms. This may have something to do with Chinese women and the ‘daddy complex’ which seems quite prevalent, but what about the young guns?



2 Responses to “Sex is Why China Drug Testing Foreiners-Kicking out the Competition”

  1. Change said

    “…innate need to discriminate…” yep, that’s china and chinese. how true.

    People who have an inferiority complex do exactly that. people who know they are inferior to others and cowards do exactly that. with other words: china and chinese do that. Asians in general have an inferiority complex to all europeans and other whites, but chinese are totally poisoned by that feeling. they declared it a state “religion”. china’s dream is to conquer and govern a piece of land with white people. it is their greatest dream.

    fill some chinese officials with that disgusting baijiu in a KTV and you will know what they really think. they dream of fucking blond white russian women and american women. and they dream of having european and american males as their servants in their villas. so they think. the people in china are totally not aware of the realities in this world and that they are the inferior race. they watch their CCTV-bullshit and listen to their yellow “friends” and really believe that “china’s dream” will come true: to rule a land with white people….. i am not a racist…i have been to china for many years and i warn you all..all of you outsiders…the chinese are a very ugly race who has nothing productive to offer…the japanese (i respect their innovative and free culture) even say that chinese are not human beings.

    Do not go to china, do not trust chinese (NEVER EVER!!!), do not think that china is a “beautiful exotic place with lots of rikshas, super dupa “high culture” and 24/7 smiling girls in qipaos” and “tasty rice dishes”. china is everything but that. China and its society and system is the most disgusting and weakiest thing on this earth. china has no “culture”. china never had a culture. china never ever contributed anything to this world. all they do is killing, cheating, destroying, infesting, stealing. You must be clear about this fact.

    If you wanna feel like a jew in 1938 Nazi Germany go to china. if you like to be cheated, stared at, lied at, piss at, shit at (yes), spit at.—go to china. if you like to eat disgusting food, with human flesh, rat meat, harmful cancer chemical and human feces—go to china…if you like to get drunk and fuck a ktv whore and get AIDS later on—> go to china.

    Enjoy your business in china and prepare to die soon. Nope, even if you think you are smart and you think you a great “china-connoisseur” and you have “everything under control” (like so many idiots i have met in that cheating racist shithole china): you are nothing. and your experience is worth nothing back in your countries. Why? because the americans, Europeans, australians etc. etc. etc. know the truth about china now. What you do is useless. You do it for money and disgusting chinese pussy holes. But every chinese disgusting pussy you fuck takes a year of your precious life time. You fail to see that.

    If you are in china and working and doing business and fucking chinese whores and money…= YOU ARE NOT SMART. HAHAHA! You pay your stay in china with your LIFE AND HEALTH=you will die sooner. it doesn’t matter if you are a “good guy” or a “bad guy”. you are both idiots if you do business in china and invest your capital into a communist barbaric cannibalistic shithole like china. You will lose it all eventually. Did you know that in a degenarate communist country like china (who has no human culture at all) they can take EVERYTHING from you (company, IP, ALL of your money, your wife, your kids, your organs….) if they want to? if you don’t realise that, you are idiot and you have no idead where are you living. ( it doesn’t matter if you pay lots of cash to slut-fuckers of the CCP. it won’t save ya.). you hav no chance. chance on a chinese court. except you pay some whores to fuck with the chinese “judge” and his food+plus his disgusting breed+all of his guanxi+plus his grandma etc. etc. if you like to devaluate yourself and to lose your humanity and honour as a human being: welcome to china. welcome to do business in china.

    What is the meaning of money anyways? Don’t you see how idiotic your life goals are and greed is? And when you do it in China you will, i repeat, you WILL pay with your HEALTH. china is like a malicious cancer, my friend.

    Once you are infected with it, it WILL spread…the best thing you can do is to keep your hands off that cancer which is called “china”.

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