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China’s Newest Phone Line, The Xiaomi ‘Spy for Me’

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 15, 2014

China is famous for data theft. Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo have all been caught building backdoors into their kit and more recently the Star N9500 and Xiaomi Redmi.

I could write about any one of these with equal rancor, they all act as an arm of the communist party. ZTE and Huawei are the most obvious as they allegedly have redlines to the communist top brass. The N9500 came loaded with malware built in and wes still don’t know who made it. Could have been any of the above.

The newest threat on our data is the Xiaomi clan. This company is run by a macabre dwarf whose gaol was to wait for Steve Jobs to die and then continue to mimic him. Xiaomi names its product ‘Red’ themes such as ‘Red Rice’ and ‘Red Mi’, while simultaneously copying Beijing on your data and pics.

This was proven a few weeks back and Xiaomi basically said, ‘Suck it.’ Then apologized and issued a patch to stave off the problem. Sadly enough, they lied. The patch fixed nothing and Remi Mi phones are still Red to the core and stealing your 1’s and 0’s. What would you expect from the owners of this mascot?




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