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Kentucky Couple Arrested for Selling Military Tech to China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 16, 2014

Hopefully this couple will be bunked up some hood rats and treated like traitors should to sell out the security of America for a few bucks is about as rank as you can get.


The FBI has arrested a Northern Kentucky couple for allegedly illegally selling military-grade electronics to China.

Agents said Louis and Rosemary Brothers, of Union, Kentucky, sold the electronic components through their business, Valley Forge Composite Technologies.

Detectives said they began investigation after receiving tips from the State Department.

Agents said the alleged sales violate International Traffic in Arms Regulations, but they did not say what items were sold.

The couple faces federal charges.

“The FBI is dedicated to detect, deter and defeat the threat posed by state sponsored groups, individuals and organizations attempting to illicitly acquire technology,” the agency said in a released statement.

The two were booked and released on bond.

Valley Forge Composite Technologies is a publicly traded aerospace technology company headquartered in Covington.

The company’s website appeared to be down Friday afternoon.

Read the full FBI press release here.



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