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Mainland Locust March in Hong Kong

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 17, 2014

Here is a comment about how mainland locusts marched against democratic vote in Hong Kong. How insane is anybody who opts for communism?

On a positive note, these are the people and the parents of the people who are buying homes in your city. Say hello to your new Chinese neighbor.


Hing Kong is being invaded by mainland Chinese locusts who devour everything in their paths. Here is proof Excerpt (Reuters) …

Thousands join Hong Kong anti-Occupy protest
Pro-Beijing protesters come out against Occupy’s plans to paralyse city centre with mass sit-in over election processes.

Police estimated that about 110,000 people took off from Victoria Park, many of them wearing red clothes and waving Chinese.

“I am here to oppose Occupy, as simple as that. It is a bad thing for young people,” a 70-year-old retired chef, who only gave his surname Wong, said.

Hong Kong’s leader is currently chosen by a pro-Beijing committee.

China says that all residents will be allowed to vote for the next chief executive in 2017 but that a nominating committee must choose the candidates.

Pro-democracy advocates say this means Beijing will be able to ensure a sympathetic slate of candidates.


As it happened: Police estimate more than 110,00 marchers attended anti-Occupy Central rally:


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