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China Holds Youth Olympics! Joy to the Oppressors!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 18, 2014

China is holding the youth Olympics in Nanjing. I wonder if they included this in the torch relay.

Oh that’s right, Tibetans were not allowed to attend.

3 Responses to “China Holds Youth Olympics! Joy to the Oppressors!”

  1. macintosh ling zhou said

    you bad foreigner . youth olympics go to strongest country modern and best culture and the best civilisation of china ! . is normal why china is best and strong best of world and center oif the world in cultures . all foreigner youth welcome to powerfully china and friendly chinese people want foreigner come to see youth the olympics to most best country china . of world and best the society and harmonies. why you so jealous to our strong world power of china and civilisations ? tibtetians not right. tibet is china so all they are chinese. no tibet people only chinese !. you say you tibeatian people ? no. all chinese. you so jealous. welcome to china for youth olympics modern china welcome all foreigner for modern sport of big strong china culture ! happy ! we teach you the cultures . is invent by china !

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