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traditional Chinese Medicine, a Cleaning Lady With a Broom

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 18, 2014

Comment on the state of civility in China. A lady goes to the hospital to fulfill her requirement of hiving birth to her future disappointment, no problem right? In China it is.

Her hubby goes to get her help only to return to see find her dead. Nobody lifted a ginger to touch her. In the end, a janitor watched her turn cold as she sucked on a lucky dragon cigarette.


Chinese redefine the term ‘humanity’. In the excerpt below it tells about how some kindly Chinese men forced toddlers and …

A husband is suing hospital officials in China after he found his dead wife alone on an operating table following the birth of their son.

Liu Hsiung, 29, had asked nurses for updates on his wife Zhang Chun, 27, after he was warned she was suffering critical complications at the Xiangtan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, in southern China.

He said: ‘I kept being told she was in the operating theatre, but it looked at if it was closed and no one was there.’

Hours later Hsuing finally managed to force his way into the operating theatre, where he found his wife’s body on the table with a cleaner sitting nearby smoking a cigarette and eating a coconut. The baby survived the birth.

He said: ‘I was going out of my mind outside wondering what had happened, yet they had gone home and my dead wife was left on a table in front of a guy eating his lunch.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2724974/Horror-China-man-thought-wife-giving-birth-finds-dead-hospital-bed-following-birth-son.html

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