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History of Cannibalism in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 19, 2014

I wondered why my last dish of Kung Pao chicken tasted gamey. Check this out on the history of cannibalism in China and then don’t forget to greet your new made-in-China neighbor with all the respect he or she deserves….


Descriptions of cannibalism appear repeatedly in Chinese history, in numerous historical writings and literature, and most recently during the Cultural Revolution in the testimony of Cheng I, the Chinese film producer and writer who fled to Hong Kong in the spring of 1992 and sought asylum in the United States in 1993.

In his book Shokujin Enseki – Massatsu sareta Chugoku Gendaishi (Cannibal Banquet – Modern Chinese History Erased) (Tokyo: Kodansha Kappa Books, 1993), Cheng I describes in detail how, as a young Red Guard during the Cultural Revolution in south China, he witnessed hundreds of children, women and men classified as Counter-revolutionaries killed and eaten by the perpetrators, with such comments as “human meat tastes better when broiled than boiled.”

In the recently published collection of studies Chugoku Igaishi,historian Okada Hidehiro quotes passages from the classic Ming dynasty (1368-1644) novel Water Margin, also known as All Men Are Created Equal, describing a group of villains who sell human meat as beef, as well as other characters who eat human flesh.

According to Okada, King Chu of the Ying dynasty (11th century BC) is alleged to have made salted meat and dried meat out of two feudal lords, as well as soup out of son of King Wen of Zhou, which he made King Wen eat.


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Pope Francis Wants to Dialogue with China, China wants to Kill Him

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 19, 2014

Pope. Francis said he would like to dialogue with Beijing. Probably not the best idea. Those blood thirsty savages are reinventing Christianity, all the while chopping down crosses on churches, go figure.

Of course if anyone can save those monsters, it would have to be the Pope. Unfortunately for him, they did not answer his call.


ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE – Pope Francis says he wants dialogue with China and the only thing he asks in return is for the Catholic Church to be able to operate freely.

The pope told reporters the church “only asks to have freedom to do its work. No other conditions.”

The Holy See is open to all contacts,” he said. “Because it has true esteem for the Chinese people.”


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Finally, an African President We Can Get Behind- Sata Calls Chinese ‘Infesters’

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 19, 2014

Sign me up to vote for this guy…


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — Michael Sata, a former train-station sweeper dubbed the “King Cobra” for his sharp tongue, campaigned for Zambia’s presidency in 2006 on an anti-China platform.

He gained headlines by taking swipes at the Chinese, his country’s biggest foreign investor with $2 billion mainly in copper, cobalt, nickel and coal mines.

Sata referred to Chinese investors as “infesters.” He called for Chinese migrant workers to be expelled from Zambia. And he described Taiwan as a country, breaching Beijing’s obsessive “one China” policy, which considers Taiwan a rogue province rather than an independent nation. China threatened to cut ties with Zambia if Sata won.

It took five years, but Sata finally was elected as Zambia’s president this week on his fourth attempt, throwing a scare into Beijing and delivering a heavy blow to Chinese influence in Africa.

While Sata toned down his criticism of Beijing during this campaign, his anti-China reputation was already well-known in Zambia, where he defeated the pro-China incumbent, Rupiah Banda.

China responded to Banda’s defeat with the same pragmatism as it had toward the loss of friendly regimes in South Sudan and Libya: It tried to befriend the new boss.

“As a friendly country of Zambia, China respects the Zambian people’s choice and would like to work with Zambia to promote friendship and expand mutually beneficial cooperation across the board,” Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei said in Beijing.

But privately, the Chinese government must be worried. Sata has said he may implement capital controls aimed at keeping foreign-exchange earnings in Zambia, Africa’s biggest copper producer and a country that has seen strong economic growth averaging 6 percent over the last three years. Foreign-exchange controls would prevent Chinese companies from sending their profits home to China.



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Best Name for Female Chinese Politician-Sham Ho, no Kidding

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 19, 2014

The name of this Chinese politician sums up what many think of people like her.

Helen ‘Sham Ho’

How great is that?

Helen Ho or even Helen Sham would have been funny enough, but this emigrant to Australia is called both. I would have gotten fewer detentions in school if my classmates had names like this. ‘Hey little Ho, do you call your momma big Ho or big Sham?’

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China’s Xiaomi Invents Exploding Phones! Take that Apple!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 19, 2014

China is home to the world’s most prolific mimics. Just like our simian ancestors, the excel at reproducing with little to no value add. But Xiaomi is going to change all that!

This little bucket of stink, Lei Jun, aka Steve Jobs’ nutsweat, has invented China’s newest WMD, self-destructing cell phones! Yippee

No kidding. Xiaomi has had assloads of problems in China with their phones. The quality sucks. Use them for one year and then be prepared to toss it, the components will be fried. But then again, there will always be poor people who need a cell and Xiaomi will be there for them.

What most of you do not know, however, is that Xiaomi phones tend to blow up. Here are some pics of one that did just that. Of course this happened in China where one’s only legal recourse is to take it up the keester in jail, I mean where one’s legal recourses are very very limited.

Buy a Xiaomi at your own risk and if you, bring marshmallows to toast over its glowing embers….

Xiaomi’s new phone, the ‘Burn Me’

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Chinese builds Train to Tibet, Tibetans not Allowed to Ride

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 19, 2014

China is very kind to Tibet. China took the land and enslaved its people and now the Chinese want their freedom too.

A new train will be running from the belly of the beast to Tibet, but Tibetans cannot purchase tickets. I suppose it would upset all the gentrified Chinese to have to actually stare into the faces of the people they are destroying.

It is far easier for 1.34 billion people to salve their consciences with faux designer bags and one upsmanship than to expect them to give a shit. As cruel and heartless as the Chinese are, perhaps it is for the best. After all, Chinese construction being what it is, the train is destined to be a limo coffin soon enough.

The next time you see somebody from China ask them about this…

And then kick them squarely in the zipper.

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