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China’s Xiaomi Invents Exploding Phones! Take that Apple!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 19, 2014

China is home to the world’s most prolific mimics. Just like our simian ancestors, the excel at reproducing with little to no value add. But Xiaomi is going to change all that!

This little bucket of stink, Lei Jun, aka Steve Jobs’ nutsweat, has invented China’s newest WMD, self-destructing cell phones! Yippee

No kidding. Xiaomi has had assloads of problems in China with their phones. The quality sucks. Use them for one year and then be prepared to toss it, the components will be fried. But then again, there will always be poor people who need a cell and Xiaomi will be there for them.

What most of you do not know, however, is that Xiaomi phones tend to blow up. Here are some pics of one that did just that. Of course this happened in China where one’s only legal recourse is to take it up the keester in jail, I mean where one’s legal recourses are very very limited.

Buy a Xiaomi at your own risk and if you, bring marshmallows to toast over its glowing embers….

Xiaomi’s new phone, the ‘Burn Me’

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