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Chinese builds Train to Tibet, Tibetans not Allowed to Ride

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 19, 2014

China is very kind to Tibet. China took the land and enslaved its people and now the Chinese want their freedom too.

A new train will be running from the belly of the beast to Tibet, but Tibetans cannot purchase tickets. I suppose it would upset all the gentrified Chinese to have to actually stare into the faces of the people they are destroying.

It is far easier for 1.34 billion people to salve their consciences with faux designer bags and one upsmanship than to expect them to give a shit. As cruel and heartless as the Chinese are, perhaps it is for the best. After all, Chinese construction being what it is, the train is destined to be a limo coffin soon enough.

The next time you see somebody from China ask them about this…

And then kick them squarely in the zipper.

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