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Jackie Chian’s Kid Busted for Weed In Beijing, Rats Out His Buddies

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 22, 2014

Jackie Chin’s kid ratted out his friend’s in order to save his skin. I suppose we should expect as much from the kin of Jackie, the devout communist party member who has been selling himself out for years.


Hong Kong actor Jacyee Chan reportedly gave police a list of 120 entertainers, including three high-profile actors and singers, who have taken marijuana in China in the hope of obtaining a reduced sentence for his own arrest for using the drug earlier this week in Beijing

Chan, the son of action movie legend Jackie Chan, has been detained for using marijuana along with Taiwanese actor Kai Ko (Ko Chen-tung) and the list of names he has reportedly supplied could have a devastating effect on the entertainment industry in China and Taiwan, according to Taiwan’s Apple Daily.

Hints were given regarding two men on the list, one is a good friend of Chan’s, an singer whose name begins with the letter C. The other is an actor with a first name beginning with an H.

Prosecutors in Taipei are also reportedly investigating a dealer that supplied marijuana to 32 people in the entertainment industry, including models, hosts and singers.



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