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China Builds ‘Homicide Homes’ with 3D Printers

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 24, 2014

China is building homes with 3d printers. Based on the typical quality of Chinese homes this is not hard to do. Substitute concrete with pasta and presto’ Chinese home!


A Chinese company claims it used 3D technology to build homes in just 24 hours. Part of me believes this and part of me shudders at the thought. Quality is not China’s strong suit.

WinSun is a Chinese design firm which made dubious claims that it printed buildings using 3D technology. An expert doubts these claims as he says the 3D technology is not there yet; it cannot be done. I can agree and cannot agree with the expert more.

My agreement stems from the fact that his doubt lies in his definition of what a building should be. China seems to define it differently than we do. For example, buildings in England last for 120 years on average and 70 plus in the USA. In China, however, they last 30.

Most western architects do not breathe a sigh of relief when their edifices still stand after a magnitude 6 quake, but Chinese do. This of course is the plague of Chinese tofu buildings. Feeble structures which look like anemic afterthoughts when compared to their communist party housing bretheren.



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