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China Destroys 544, 155, 844 Tainted Chicken Feet

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 27, 2014

China has a way of making money out of nothing and destroying the food its people eat. They had to toss out 30,000 tons of chicken feet recently. The faulty food was tainted with hydrogen peroxide, which is not good for the gizzard.

This whole thing got me to thinking. ‘I was like wtf… 30,000 tons of chicken feet. That is a shitload of feet.’

My thoughts progressed from there and then I was like, ‘How many pairs of feet is that?’ So I searched and found out the typical foot is 50 grams. Link http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=2821911

Doing the math that means that 544,155,844 chicken feet were thrown out.

That is an assload of chickens, think about it. That quantity represents 272 155 422 chickens. Now. I ask you, how long does it take China to consume 272,155,422 chickens?

So. I searched that and found out that China consumes 52,000,000,000 chickens in one year. If this is true and it comes from here http://www.thedisciplinedinvestor.com/blog/2007/11/14/china-chicken-madness/ so it should be.

That means that China just threw out 52 billion divided by 272 million worth of chickens, or approximately 191 days worth of chicken feet.

Then I was like, ‘But this is China. That means there has to be four times as much foul feet left, right?’

But then I was like, ‘But wait, how does China throw out one-half of one years supply of chicken feet? Furthermore, is China hoarding this ‘delicacy’ ? Why do they have so many feet to begin with?’

Which leaves me wondering
A- where did China get 1/2 of a years feet to pickle
B- how is it that this was all seized at one time
C- are they hoarding feet
D- do they import chicken feet and then sell it as food
E- who eats chicken feet anyway

4 Responses to “China Destroys 544, 155, 844 Tainted Chicken Feet”

  1. Mig21 said

    do you really believe that the han will just burn those disgusting chicken feet? who eats that disgusting shit anyways? chinese being chinese they will just SELL it. nevertheless of its poison. they’ll repack it with a cheap new design (copied from a western firm) and name it “chicken cola from the WEST or JAPAN” (if 100000 die of it then of course the laowais or japanese are guilty) and resell it to a chink superpoisonmarket or boil it and hack it into pieces and sell it to civilized countries as “special high quality ancient chinese food” or “chinese super dupa ancient traditional medicine”.

    • They throw nothing away. Look at the one dud policy shite they keep.

      • Mig21 said

        they throw nothing away. that’s my point. they even use their dead human corpses as fertilizer for their contaminated crops. Bon appetit in China, expat guys. Chinese rank below animals. They are surely not a member of the humans species, just like ISIS (IS) and rats. Red China will fall.

      • They sell pork culled from the corpses of diseased and dead pigs. The country is a natural calamity waiting to happen.

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