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Big Brother Xiaomi Wants to Imbed Chips In Our Bodies? WTF?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 5, 2014

Xiaomi is an Apple knockoff run by an elf troll. The troll, named Lei Jun literally said that he was waiting for Steve Jobs to die so that Xiaomi could,take over Apple’s place. What a creeper.

Hunger Marketing in China

Xiaomi is making waves for its flash sales and lack of capacity to fill orders. The phones promise great functionality for a decent price point.

All has not been rosey, however. Problems with exploding phones, poor quality in China and other countries as well as security lapses have cast doubt over Xiaomi’s future. Quality issues can be fixed, albeit at a steep cost if they are not done soon enough. Once consumers are bitten, they are twice shy and tend to be unforgiving in a world filled with choice. This is exacerbated by the rampant flood of news, both good and bad, we pore over on a daily basis.

Security concerns are also an issue, however. This is a bugaboo Chinese firms must deal with due to the nature of communism and how it asserts control over business here in China. Whether they want to or not, Chinese firms must…

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