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China’s Debt Bomb-Tweet from Patrick Chovanec (@prchovanec)

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 5, 2014

China’s. NPL’s non performing loans are at catastrophic levels. Looks like all those communist officials will soon be following their one dud to the Us soon with all their blood money.

PC_009_small_normal.JPG Patrick Chovanec (@prchovanec)
8/26/14, 22:16
WSJ article says maybe 9% NPL. Mark my words: China’s bad debt ratio will ultimately top 20%.

2 Responses to “China’s Debt Bomb-Tweet from Patrick Chovanec (@prchovanec)”

  1. Mig21 said

    stay close to an airport guys or your country’s or an european/western embassy (US embassies will protect Europeans and European embassies will protect US-citizens). Chinese being chinese, they will hang, hunt down and cut into 1000 pieces all those who are “responsible” for the soon to come crash of that primitive shithole china: Laowais and Japanese. Keep an eye open.

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