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Chinese Hospitals Average 27 Brutal and Lethal Attacks on Staff Per Year

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 5, 2014

Q. Is it more dangerous to be a patient or doctor in a Chinese hospital?

Destructive Dragon

Chinese health care is usually not the same as we get back home. For intance, pneumonia is not called ‘fire inside’ as was told your humble author. Another difference can be found in the definition of ‘hygiene’ and its place in patient care. While no medical professional, I seem to recall that contamination from the facilities is one of the leading causes of infection in patients staying there. Essentially the patients sick are more at risk from us, then we are of them.

With that background, consider how it struck me when I went to get a check up and was told that  a chest e-ray was in order. I was shoved along a narrow passage with the charm of a Bowery Street alley, but more tidy.

I finished my trek only to be met by a gaggle of what I assume are health care professionals embracing ‘casual attire’ day. Between…

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3 Responses to “Chinese Hospitals Average 27 Brutal and Lethal Attacks on Staff Per Year”

  1. cheeseburger said

    chinese hospitals are extremly filthy. it’s even worse than in India or Afghanistan. they (the chinese) smoke and spit in chinese hospitals. they even smoke beside newborn and sick patients. they litter and they even piss on the hospital’s floors. and even worse. no, they do not use their toilets (which are so disgusting that not even Lucifer would use them). this is no joke, this is a fact.

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