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China’s Communists and Blood Money

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 8, 2014

China is second only to the US in billionaires. In fact, Beijing alone has more of them than almost any country. This should come as no surprise as Beijing is the power center of China and the communists are in Beijing. Ninety percent of all millionaires and billionaires in China are communists and their family members.

This gaggle of blood billionaires built their wealth in true Chinese fashion, on the misery of others. Land theft and sales, deceit and fraud are the modus operandi for China’s affluent. The article below exposes just how bad this corruption can be.

On a positive note. The. US investment immigration visa program has filled its quota early. Eighty percent of the visa recipients are blood immigrants from the PRC.

zVQRPPed_normal.png WSJ China Real Time (@ChinaRealTime)
8/23/14, 19:23
How poorly paid Chinese officials get away with owning dozens of homes on.wsj.com/1pZQ6Mh

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