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‘Fuk The Duck,’ Horrible Chinese Translations…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 8, 2014

Chinese people study English for a minimum of 8 years and this is all the better that they can do?

2 Responses to “‘Fuk The Duck,’ Horrible Chinese Translations…”

  1. Duke Nukem said

    how stupid thechinese are. why don’t they spend a few pennies on a native speaker to check their horrible chinglish? oh yeah wait: that means they have to admit that they are stupid and the laowai is smarter. chinese inferiority complex. you don’t wanna read chinspanish and chinfrench..only those chinese who work in foreign embassies are really perfect in languages. not kidding. i once met a chinese girl in the spanish embassy in beijing who spoke perfect castilian (spanish). but the majority of chinese are just stupid. funny : they make funny jokes about foreigners who speak better mandarin than themselves. again: chinese inferiority complex. well deserved, because they are inferior in every aspect.

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