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How China Sees the World

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 8, 2014

Comment from Cheeseburger

Chinese are pretty clannish or tribal and are somewhat still afraid of those wicked outsiders or foreign devils. I guess after …

Chinese enjoy belittling ALL foreigners by assuming they are as criminally stupid as themselves.
Chinese believe that there are only 2 countries on the planet: ZhongGuo and WaiGuo.
Chinese just ignore their own filth, feces, blood, poison, prostitution, cannibalism, death, corruption, disgusting hate and jealousy and their useless existence in their shithole called China. They refuse to see their own and world’s reality. Chinese believe that they are the crown of human civilization, despite the fact theat they live in a toilet called china and are now what they always were throughout their disgusting primitive history: Slaves and cowards.

Remember the 3 monkeys (btw: they are of japanese origin)? The three monkeys are Mizaru, covering his eyes, who sees no evil; Kikazaru, covering his ears, who hears no evil; and Iwazaru, covering his mouth, who speaks no evil. In the Western world (EU, South-North America, Russia etc.) the phrase is often used to refer to those who deal with impropriety by turning a blind eye on everything around them. Well, that’s how chinese eke out their miserable existence and useless lives on this planet until the moment they die (lucky for us, they die like flies of cancer which is caused by a horrendeous pollution in their disgusting country). They remain in a persistent vegetative state. Chinese “women” are exactly the same. The poster above really hits the nail on the head. Just saying.

Chinese never evolved into humans. Anyone who lived there and dealt with them knows: They have a long way to go before they become a member of the human species.’

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