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Pigs on the Loose- Chinese in University

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 11, 2014

The following comes from the South China Morning Post. It describes the semi-feudal living conditions that Chinese students subject themselves to. I had a friend from Taiwan who said that Chinese universities are like liveries but less clean. She said that of her four roommates, she was the only one to bathe each day and that one considered it a fortnightly affair. I knew a Chinese doctor who recommended showering no more than twice per month as well.

China, so many years and so little to show for it.


A Chinese university’s new policy demanding that students clean their own dormitories – including toilets – has caused a backlash, as pupils complained they should be there purely to study.

Students of Nanchang University, a prestigious school in China’s southeastern Jiangxi province, were put in charge of cleaning duties from September 1, the start of the term. University authorities said the initiative was intended to make students better people by doing labour work.

”Students born after the 1990s are very weak in manual labour. [Most of them are] the single child in the family,” university president Zhou Chuangbing said, explaining the policy’s rationale in response to the criticisms.

”So I think labouring can get them trained, which [also] popularises many traditional Chinese traits,” Zhou said in an interview with Shanghai-based news website thepaper.cn.

3 Responses to “Pigs on the Loose- Chinese in University”

  1. vanoc1 said

    You mean to tell me Chinese students let their washrooms turn to shit? and apartments turn to shit, where they live for 4 mon…… Oh it’s China… Nevermind…….. Fuck you China Fuck you.

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