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Alibaba’s Jack Ma Said Tienenman Killings ‘The Right Thing to Do’

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 12, 2014

Check out this link, Alibaba’s Jack Ma Said Tienenman Killings ‘The Right Thing to Do’.   this pos is selling his made in zchina stock to Americans. His history is questionable and his politics more so. Read thus before bypuying Alibaba. If your portfolio is worth more than your soul, then buy all means support guys like this snd China.

4 Responses to “Alibaba’s Jack Ma Said Tienenman Killings ‘The Right Thing to Do’”

  1. Change said

    jack ma looks like a mix between an orang-utan and a chimpanzee. his mother was a prostitute and monkey and his multiple fathers orang-utans. he is a typical chinese product. just look at his disgusting ugly physical appearance. lies, cheats, jealousy, inferiority complex, hate and evilness is written on his face. that ktv-girl-fucker is a inhuman crook. just look at him and his ccp party-friends.

    alibaba is FULL of scammers, cheaters and criminal chinese “companies”. if you are a foreigner and stupid enough to do business with them and get scammed you’ll never get your rights or money back. never.

    alibaba protects thieves and cheaters because alibaba is a cheater and thief. anyone who even registers with those criminals is a stupid idiot and anyone who buys stocks from those criminal, inferior chinese communist thieves and liars should do something more useful: throw your money out of the window and help the poor in your own country. makes more sense.

    Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.

  2. vanoc1 said

    I made a fake account on Alibaba and this ESL one (for extra blingage, but it would seem that a Chinese ESL teacher who could somehow relate to the fustrations of the students in learning a language that didn’t involve making monkey sounds, ie me. could get hired). Anyhow I wrote a fake profile that read my usual: China is a stinky sweaty country of steam and sweat (Shanghai), where the feces from all manners of animals and humans steam up to the high heavens of your apartment. Where the tear forming fumes of Pog (Pee-Poo+fog, you know that early morning mist that engulfs Chinese cities in the morning, mingles with the fumes of these hades holes (dark wells to the underworld, that is Chinese communal washrooms), rises to your apartment-or hotel), that is if the tobbaco fumes didn’t get to you first!!! I wonder if I hurt many of their feelings when they view my profiles?
    Fuck you China fuck you.

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