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Observations on China’s Alibaba and Jack Ma

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 13, 2014

Comment from Cgange:

Check out this link, Alibaba’s Jack Ma Said Tienenman Killings ‘The Right Thing to Do’. this pos is selling his made in …

jack ma looks like a mix between an orang-utan and a chimpanzee. his mother was a prostitute and monkey and his multiple fathers orang-utans. he is a typical chinese product. just look at his disgusting ugly physical appearance. lies, cheats, jealousy, inferiority complex, hate and evilness is written on his face. that ktv-girl-fucker is a inhuman crook. just look at him and his ccp party-friends.

alibaba is FULL of scammers, cheaters and criminal chinese “companies”. if you are a foreigner and stupid enough to do business with them and get scammed you’ll never get your rights or money back. never.

alibaba protects thieves and cheaters because alibaba is a cheater and thief. anyone who even registers with those criminals is a stupid idiot and anyone who buys stocks from those criminal, inferior chinese communist thieves and liars should do something more useful: throw your money out of the window and help the poor in your own country. makes more sense.

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

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Some Kind Of Coup Attempted in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 13, 2014

Read the note below. I was in China during that time and for sure something was up. In fact, i had returned to China after one of those coup attempts and can assure you that there were military vehicles lined up to Beijing’s power center. It was on lock down.

On August 5, 2014, Radio Free Asia published an article titled, “Some Kind of Coup May Have Taken Place in China.” The article analyzed [what it identified as] the current abnormal situation in China, including the following. First, on-going unprecedented large scale military exercises are taking place from July to September (a portion of the exercises will continue until November). Second, a secret meeting was held at the end of July between the former Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda and China’s current top leader Xi Jinping in Beijing in an effort to improve Sino-Japanese relations. Third, on July 29, a public announcement was made of the investigation of the former domestic security chief Zhou Yongkang. Fourth, on July 30, the Central Discipline Inspection Commission of the Chinese Communist Party sent a large investigation team to Shanghai; the team will be stationed in Shanghai until September (the same period of time that the large scale military exercises are taking place). Fifth, Shanghai Bright Food Group Chairman Wang Zong-nan, who has a close relationship with China’s former top leader Jiang Zemin, was taken away for investigation several days ago. Sixth, a large number of civilian flights were canceled in July, especially flights between Beijing and Shanghai. Seventh, in July security checks were enhanced in subways and other transportation areas in Beijing (trash cans have to be emptied every 15 minutes). Eighth, People’s Daily published a commentary article titled, “The Takedown of the Big Tiger Zhou Yongkang Does Not Mean the Anti-Corruption Campaign Has Stopped,” which was then removed from its website. Finally, China’s former top leader Jiang Zemin’s inscriptions and signatures are being removed from public places, with online photos being published as evidence of the removal.

All of the above incidents indicate that some kind of coup is taking place between Beijing and Shanghai. The article concluded that the anti-Xi forces may have started the coup but failed when Xi’s forces fought back or that the Xi Jinping group launched a coup to eliminate the Jiang Zemin’s faction.

Source: Radio Free Asia, August 5, 2014

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