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Value of a Woman in China, One Iphone 6, Just ask This Guy

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 20, 2014

Chinese will sell anything. A life, a kidney, their girlfriend. To them the value of anything created is little else than an object for them to destroy and use as they see fit. Here is a prime example.


With a fan base like this, who need advertisements? The Chinese carve Apple logos onto their kids skulls, families sell vital organs and their first borne for a phone and now they sell their lover.

Yeah, some guy in China is trading his girlfriend, ie pimping her out by the hour, day and month in order to buy an Iphone 6. This speaks to the incredible allure of Iphones in China. They will do anything to get their hands on one. Xiaomi, howver, is not so lucky.

I can see trading a Big Mac for my Xiaomi phone, but my girlfriend?



Excerpt 2
This pretty much sums up china. A guy is pimping out/renting his girlfriend in order to pay for an Iphone 6. You can buy her for one hour, one day and or one month.

Her pimp/ lover says you can only talk to her, but no funny business, but then he posts a pics like this, so you decide what his and her intentions are.

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