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What You Get When With a Chinese Interpreter

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 23, 2014

One Response to “What You Get When With a Chinese Interpreter”

  1. Duke Nukem said

    they “translate” chinese to english (or any other language) 1:1. it actually shows how primitive mandarin is and how chinese actually “think” and “act”. fire inside drink water. go eat horse ride sleep. you eat i work and sun burn head rice.

    i am not an english native speaker and my english is far from perfect and if i have a piece of text that needs to be translated into english (or any other language i am do not master 100%) i will always pay a native speaker to do the job.

    i gave up learning chinese because it is such a dumb and illogical language. this is btw. not only my opinion. many people stopped studying chinese for exactly this reason.

    if you are interested in an asian language, learn japanese (thai is beautiful too but very hard to learn) japanese is totally different and a far more richer language than this primitive mandarin.

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