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Insane Chinese Grads Celebrate Graduation by Dressing up as Red Guards

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 24, 2014

The ‘kill all but one child’ generation in China is hyper nationalistic. They sucked off the teat of hate speech since they entered the dismal land they call home. To them anything foreign is poisonous amd need to be eradicated.

An example of their built in hatred is shown here.

These college students are dressing as Red Guars, a fanatical group of Mao thugs who on the average killed one million people per year for ten years. From 1966-76 they terrorized China in an unauthorized display of cruelty and death.

The Chinese culture is beyond sick in many regards. What they are recreating is what we see here.

No one I knew from China had a positive thing to say about the cultural revolution and the Red Guards represent this era. Do yourself a favor, try not to buy anything made in China, nor its stocks. Reconsider offering people from the mainland a job. The post 80’s one child generation would like nothing more than to watch us collapse.

If they enjoy communism so much, let them stay home and enjoy it from there.

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What Innovation Looks alike in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 24, 2014

Funny comment here about what innovation is like in China. The fact is that the communist party allows a foreign tech i to China and then it is cloned. The foreign companies is then kicked out of China or marginalized by Chinese policies.

Here are examples:

Weibo < Twitter (which is why China banned it)
WeChat < Whatsapp
Alibaba < Amazon
Baidu < Google (also banned by china)
Tianhe-2 oh please…………

Beidou < GPS, Glonass….
Shenzou < Soyuz (in fact it’s a clone copy of the Soyuz)
Huawei < Cisco

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