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Insane Chinese Grads Celebrate Graduation by Dressing up as Red Guards

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 24, 2014

The ‘kill all but one child’ generation in China is hyper nationalistic. They sucked off the teat of hate speech since they entered the dismal land they call home. To them anything foreign is poisonous amd need to be eradicated.

An example of their built in hatred is shown here.

These college students are dressing as Red Guars, a fanatical group of Mao thugs who on the average killed one million people per year for ten years. From 1966-76 they terrorized China in an unauthorized display of cruelty and death.

The Chinese culture is beyond sick in many regards. What they are recreating is what we see here.

No one I knew from China had a positive thing to say about the cultural revolution and the Red Guards represent this era. Do yourself a favor, try not to buy anything made in China, nor its stocks. Reconsider offering people from the mainland a job. The post 80’s one child generation would like nothing more than to watch us collapse.

If they enjoy communism so much, let them stay home and enjoy it from there.

22 Responses to “Insane Chinese Grads Celebrate Graduation by Dressing up as Red Guards”

  1. vanoc1 said

    The little shit in the back (second from the left), looks like Radar from MASH. But Radar is cute and cuddly. That guy is just a fuc,,, fuck you china, fuck you fuck you fuck yo fuck you give me back the two years of life you stole from me BIG STINKY!

  2. crianza said

    chinese are subhumans. they are barbarians, monkeys, primitive apes and do not belong to the human species. the japanese were right! only a dead subhuman chinese is a good chinese.

    • Japan had them semi civilized

      • Mig21 said

        yeah unfortunately they only semi-civ’ it. but you americans needed to nuke the shit out of the japanese (thanks to the germans and SS-officer W. von Braun) otherwise 1+ millions more G.I’s and Marines would have died (estimated loses from the joint chiefs of staff in case of an US invasion of Japan). you had no other chance because the japanese were (in the middle of 1945; thanks to the germans) very close to the bomb themselves. history is a bitch.

      • China is now a bigger threat than the Nazi’s.

    • vanoc1 said

      the funny thing is that most Chinese immergrants to Americanada, and latter Australia (late 20th century-present). Are actually quite nice and actually fit the friendly hard working stereotype. Ie. Hong Kongers, or Taiwanese. BUT. These mainlanders, are savages. Like honestly yes yes we know you’re an irate driver, and my bad (mia cupa) I made a mistake. No need to sound off like a sexually arroused fucking elephant who suckled in the entire stock of viagra of a entire factory. Like I was thinking the Chinese were this pilosophic and intelligent race of mathematicians… Not a race of ?????????? (context: unknown).

  3. crianza said

    the end will come. china’s economy is dead. foreign companies are the ones who created everything in china. china is not able to create anything. china does what it always did: stealing, cheating, killing, lying, and mess everything up- they are now facing an economical meltdown never ever seen before in history. they will eat human flesh once again like they did in the 50’s 60’s 70’s and 80′ and even today in 2014. china was and is totally doomed. china is nothing. china is like a pile of shit, a parasite without any value for human kind.

  4. Idle said

    People from the PRC are a moral cancer. They emigrate and bring their horrible culture of destruction and evil. I lived in China, they have nothing to offer civilized countries.
    For over 2000 years they have proven that they do not value human lives. Instead they feel most secure with oppressive on-party oversight and infanticide. Do not visit that dungeon and try to avoid anything that has been made in China.

  5. Mig21 said

    The Chinese culture is beyond sick in many regards.

    • Many or most?

      Can you name one thing that China has to offer us?

    • vanoc1 said

      I’m speaking as Gowron the Chinese Canadian boy here. Chinese culture is awesome, BUT CHINESE ARE FUCKING RETARDED AS FUCKKKK fuck you China fuck you. Now watch me forget about the wasted two fucking years of my life, as I’m breathing no feces fresh air. And decide to do something rather fucking dumb (aka sign up for a habitat for humanity mission, a Christian oooooh the irony), in Guangxi (the ground Zero for china’s zombie apocolypse (canabalism). Like if China was more like Taiwan or Hong Kong, then things would be so much gentler. Most of the Chinese immergrants to Canmerica were from Fukkien (lolooloolol), province. Fujian province (one of the more friendlier provinces in China), so you have this illusion that the Chinese are generally nice people (when you compare them with Westernized Chinese, ie someone from Hong Kong), you get the best of both worlds, the fantasy that china is some magical zen like place of clean shavened or trim bearded scholars in some library. (ie Kung Fu Panda), instead of….. the reality….

      Like I believed in the fantasy, after watching lots of Kung Fu movies, and other cool shit that the Occidental world (west, ie Hollywood), fantasizes about the Oriental world. (ie Kato the Green Hornet kick asser, come one Kung Fu and Bruce Lee are cool. and Jackie Chan before he sold his soul to the Red-Devil), but the reality is that most Chinese are mutants who drive on the mother fucking sidewalk. PS Fireworks and blasting them off like a lunatic is actually quite fun…

      the problem is that China is so willfully fucking stupid and isolated that they dilibreately isolated themselves. So as humanity became globalized, china fell far behind.. Where as Japan became a dual cultured world of both the west and east, and the occasional tentacle aliens… (I’m a male, young male, come on man… I have needs man).

      Anyhow, I hope that China eventually grows up. and stops blaming its problem on others…

      PS What in the fuck am I thinking… Like to come back to China and try to build homes or something…. and not smelling the amonia from the mother fucking communial hell pits…..

      • I kid you not, it got worse after CCP Xi took over. That guy is a nut and has some evil plans, did you see who he is partnering with, Russia, Iran, Sudan? Growing up during the cultural revolution left him a mongrel.

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