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Chinese Student at Iowa State U Allegedly Kills His Girlfriend and then Returns to China, Extradite the POS

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 27, 2014

Flesh search this pig and bring his punk butt back to the US. Send him to Fort Madison and let some of the homeboys teach him what the word shemaid means. This punk preyed on the weak and innocent and then ran off to his rich and corrupt mommy and pos daddy who will bribe ccp Xi and his kin to keep this guy free.

Somebody find this punk.


What is up with all the crazy fu er dai or rich Chinese one -child punks killing their girlfriend’s?

This guy supposedly slaughtered his girlfriend and fled back to china. I am sure that his communist parents will not allow him to be prosecuted in the USA.

Communists runs red with the blood of the innocents. Their children are just plain bad.

IOWA CITY — A person of interest in the disappearance of Iowa State University student Tong Shao lived in the area where Iowa City police found a car associated with her that was discovered to have a body in the trunk Friday.

Iowa City Police Lt. Mike Brotherton said that person is now in China, something that doesn’t sit right with police.

“It is suspicious that one of her friends … has gone back to China,” Brotherton said Saturday. “That’s highly suspicious. That’s one of the things we are trying to track down.”

For now, Brotherton said police cannot confirm that the body found in the truck of the beige 1997 Toyota Camry with Kentucky license plates is that of Shao, a 20-year-old ISU junior from China. Brotherton said he is hopeful that an autopsy scheduled for Saturday will lead to a positive identification and give police more information on the case that is currently being treated as a homicide.

The Camry was discovered at Dolphin Lake Point Enclave on Friday. Police believe the vehicle — and the body in the trunk — had been there for “an extended period of time,” Brotherton said. Shao was first reported missing on Sept. 17, but Ames police said her friends last heard from her on Sept. 8 when Shao reported she was in Iowa City to visit a friend and was heading to Minnesota to visit other friends.



4 Responses to “Chinese Student at Iowa State U Allegedly Kills His Girlfriend and then Returns to China, Extradite the POS”

  1. Mig21 said


    • Yeah but where is the guy? The truth is that he is a fu er dai, communist punk whose mom and dad flew him home so he can continue killing while there. After all, isn’t how communism operates?

      • Mig21 said

        china is a legal vacuum. china is like a rat hole that releases million of rats to the civilized world to steal, murder, cheat and once they killed enough and stole enough they just escape back to that rat hole that is china. NO foreign lawyer or person or company has a chance to prosecute that rat in china. once there, noone can prosecute them for their crimes. of course this WILL change. after a thermonuclear war, or conventional war, a revolution, a coup in beijing by democratic forces or an economic meltdown. china has a funny bloody ride ahead. once again.

        any foreigner (NO matter where you are from) who has a biz in china or is married to a chinese and god forbid: has a child with a chinese office hotel slut or bought a house in china can lose and will lose anything and everyhing overnight. Kid, house, company, bank account, deposits. All of your chinese “documents” and stuff (marriage certificate, company registration, visa, bank account, tax slip, birth certificat of your child with a chinese (whore), registered trademark …etc etc etc etc. is worth N-O-T-H-I-N-G in china. and fasten your seat belts: not even the foreign (your one) passport you provided to your mixed newborn kid in china is worth anything in china. for china it is just a funny paper. mark my words or goggle it.

        leave china as long as you can and take/secure and evacuate everything you own and worked for in the big stinky to a civilized country (including and especially your mixed kids; if you really care about their future..). YOU can and WILL lose EVERYTHING eventually. you are living in a totalitarian communist dictatorship ruled by communist subhumans and party officials who murder thousands every day, steal billions every year from the world and from their own race, eat human flesh, remove organs from living people, kill unborn, fuck your chinese wife in hotels so that you, dear foreigner, can stay in china (that happens a lot and she will never tell you that because she is a chinese, that means: it is “normal” (in china) for her poor mental sick self; the biggest fuck and prize for a CCP subhuman chinese or etc. etc. etc. is to fuck the wife of a (white) foreigner in china.

        enjoy your time china and if you are married to a chinese “wife”…keep your eyes open and leave the chinese hole. doN#t stick anything into a dirty smelly cancereous hole.

      • It is getting to that point. hK is ready to implode

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