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An American in China

The King Returneth

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 27, 2014

All hail Vanoc, aka the King. He has lived more China crap than any of us can imagine. He dedicates his life to helping the less fortunate and spreading the word about the moral cancer that is China. He has guts and knows his stuff.

He may be abrasive but its due to the fact that his step monster, Chinese xxxx has kidnapped his sis.

Read what he has to say and offer support, sympathy and join the cause. Before leaving China, it was obvious to me that they are itching for a fight. Reduce your China footprint and be wary of fresh off the boat Chinese.

I lived there for eight years ago and was appalled at it all. The Chinese are a scary race. Thousands of years of infanticide and selective abortions has lead them down the path of systemized cruelty and moral decline.

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