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Get the Shit Kicked Out of You, Another Way For Chinese To Game the US Immigration System

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 28, 2014

This lady swims from China, lights in the land of milk and honey and then sucks at the teat of ma and pa Washington and now she wants to be a citizen? She wants to stay, put her in the octagon let her duke it out with some ghetto thugs. She wins, she stays, she loses, she goes…

While they waited to hear back from the NYPD, Huang learned from her sister about a visa the federal government grants to undocumented immigrants who are victims of violent crime and who help law enforcement try to catch the perpetrators. The so-called U visa, which allows the recipient to live and work in the U.S. for four years, would remove the threat of deportation and start Huang and her husband on the road to citizenship.

Huang hired a lawyer to help with her application. On one of the forms, an NYPD sergeant attested to Huang’s help. Then Huang hit a snag: Police headquarters must officially verify her cooperation before her application can be submitted to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, and it hasn’t done so. According to Chunyu Jean Wang, Huang’s lawyer, the NYPD hasn’t responded to her repeated inquiries for months. “We’re lucky if anyone picks up the phone,” Wang said.

The U visa program was created by Congress to help police and prosecutors build trust with immigrant communities. But national data analyzed by Reuters, along with dozens of interviews with police, prosecutors, lawyers and immigrants across the country, show that for undocumented immigrants like Huang who seek a U visa by helping the police, the chances of gaining a legal toehold in the United States are largely a matter of geography.

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China Exports Fake Dental Equipment?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 28, 2014

When will the world figure out that china is only good at autogenocide, misery and deceit.

Check this:
The products, ranging from drills to X-rays, were counterfeit copies of major brands or sub-standard with fake documentation.

Some products appeared to have official safety CE marks, but importers said it meant “Chinese export”.

The regulator said that dentists could be prosecuted if they knowingly bought equipment that put patients at risk.

The items were discovered during an investigation by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA), which is responsible for making sure that dental equipment in the UK meets safety standards.

Among the items seized on arrival in the UK were poorly made dentist power drills and handheld X-ray machines with dangerous wiring.

‘Serious damage’
Danny Lee-Frost, from the MHRA enforcement team, said there was a real risk to patients from equipment that does not meet strict European safety standards.

He said: “We don’t need to stretch your imagination too far to think if you’ve got a high-speed drill, operating at 30,000 revs per minute in close proximity to your teeth, and the end falls off, it’s going to do some pretty serious damage inside your mouth. ”
Link http://flip.it/XxByT

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Hacking Huawei Meet Xeroxing Xiaomi, Battle of Chinese Thieves

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 28, 2014

Move over Hacking Huawei, there is a new thief in town! Say hello to my little Xiaomi.

For those of you who live in civilized countries with real humans, you probably never heard of Xiaomi. So here is a rundown:

From this site we see that Xiaomi is an Apple clone.

The creeper in charge of Xiaomi is named Lei Jun and he is a pathological Apple fan. A few years back he said he was waiting for Jobs to die so Xiaomi could take Apple’s place.




In any event, Xiaomi has come out of nowhere to be a major cellphone company in China. Not surpringly, such firms usually have communist party backing and of course, Xiaomi’s boss is not only a communist but a member of its legislature as well.

One does not have to tax their mind to figure who Lei Jun is backing. But if you are too dumb to figure it out then let me help you. Take a look at the Xiaomi company mascot, a communist soldier-themed rabbit.



If you look closely at the box the commie bunny is in front of you will see that he represents a pilot from 1921, the year the communist party was founded. Lei’s Red cred could hardly be less inconspicuous.

What has governments concerned is why Xiaomi is stealing customer data and shipping it off to Beijing even as we speak. This has been going on for months now and even in light of all the bad press, Xiaomi phines are still stealing.

Excerpt here

China has a company called Xiaomi which has lit up the cell phone industry. Its business model is to sell cheap smart phones with good specs to select groups at a time. Rather than selling vis traditional means, Xiaomi only sells online. Of course they cribbed this from Dell who had some it decades before, but Xiaomi adds a twist. In order to buy a phone one has to preregister. Yeah, you heard me right, and we are not talking iphones here. This Chinese startup has people convinced that their gear is so good that people in China prepaid just to be put on a waiting list to buy one. They now use this model, called ‘Hunger Marketing’ in southeast Asia as well.

The problem is that Xiaomi has only been selling internationally for less than one year and already Singapore, Taiwan, India, Hong Kong and Vietnam are upset about Xiaomi phones and data theft. F Secure proved that the Xiaomi ‘Red’Mi1S was copying the cyber sitters in Beijing on user data, notes, photos and more. Rather than cease and desist, Xiaomi sat on their hands,

This only served to anger those countries more and now Taiwan, Vietnam and India are considering bans of one kind or the other. The article below speaks to the threat that companies such as Xiaomi pose.

Excerpt from here

Informative eight minute video here. The two speakers discuss the dangers of The Indian Airforce using Xiaomi phones. Obviously It is not in India’s best interest to have data of their airforce personnel owned by Xiaomi, a Chinese firm. This danger is compounded by the fact that China has been increasingly pugnacious with all of its neighbors, including India. Aside from this, Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s founder, sits on the communist National People’s Congress. It takes little mental math to figure out where his loyalties lay.

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Deceit, Fraud and Theft- The China Business Guide

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 26, 2014

Here is a funny quote from the China Daily, aka least reputable ‘news source’ on the planet. ‘”More and more companies are not necessarily worried about moving into China, but how to manage to work with the Chinese,” said Greg Marchi, chief representative of CKGSB-Americas.

“That’s the reason we named our program ‘Doing Business With A Changing China’.”

CKGSB is hosting the program jointly with Columbia Business School next month in New York.’

Ok so let me get this straight. Some US ‘experts’ aka sellouts are setting up a program to help Americans, aka suckers to do business in China, aka hell?

Wtf? Do you really need a training course for that? Save your self the tuition and listen up. In order to do business in China you must
1- leave your wife and morals home
2- have no conscience
3- bring unmarked bills to pay
The local police
Their bosses
The local communists
Their bosses
Crooked ‘inspectors’
Their bosses
And so much more
4- leave your manners and etiquette back home
5- bring lots of bags because your Chinese hosts will want to take you ‘KTV’ing’ aka whoring
6- leave your loyalty to anything of ethical value back home for if you are in China, you will not use them

The simple fact is that businesses got to China because it is so corrupt. Grease the palms of a communist and you can have his kid if you would like. I am not kidding. When I was there I had doctor’s offer me the child of migrant laborers for less than $2000.

In China everything is for sale. All that gray you see encircling China’s big cities is merely proof of how bad corruption is in China. After all, they do have anti-pollution laws, which are obviously as vigorously enforced as their anti-corruption ones are. In China the air is not the only thing that is filthy.

What all this means is that there are a lot of people who make a lot of cash teaching you how to do business in China, but trust me, what you have read here will serve you far better than anything you are paying thousands of dollars for.


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Huawei Hacks Indian Cell Phone Company? Data Security and Chinese Firms

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 25, 2014

The following describes how China’s Huawei and others are causing concern love India. Chinese companies have a spotty history when it comes to data security. This was proven by Washington before they banned both Huawei and ZTE kit from being used by the US government.

More recently, Bill Gertz reported that Huawei treid to infiltrate and hack the NSA via a third party contarctor; I wonder if Snowden taught them that?

By Bill Gertz – The Washington Times – Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Chinese telecommunications equipment giant Huawei Technologies sought to gain access to National Security Agency computer networks this year in a failed cyberespionage attack, U.S. officials said.

The company, which the U.S. government has linked to China’s military, sought to penetrate NSA networks through a U.S. defense contractor, officials familiar with intelligence reports said of the attempted cyberattack.

The attempted network penetration was discussed in mid-August during a meeting of an interagency security group called G-FIRST, for Government Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams.

The identity of the defense contractor could not be learned.

A Department of Homeland Security official declined to comment, citing a policy of not discussing defense contractor issues. He referred questions to the Pentagon. The Homeland Security Department coordinates the G-FIRST group.’
Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/oct/15/inside-the-ring-chinese-tried-to-hack-nsa-using-us/#ixzz3HDbqvzSP

It would seem odd that a ‘normal commercial company’ such as Huawei would try and penetrate a US spy agency. But then again, Huawei is not normal. As is shown below, they also used ‘ huawei engineers’ to hack into an Indian telco network. An interesting aside is that Huawei allegedly allows Chinese soldiers to dress up as Huawei employees and then infiltrate and presumably hack client networks. Such seems to be what happened in the case below.

‘Concerns among Indian authorities on the safety of the smartphone users’ data made by Xiaomi are the latest in a string of security issues related to Chinese firms that are active in the Indian market.
Chinese companies and consortiums with Chinese links have already been barred from bidding for contracts to build Indian ports and in February this year, the previous UPA government had accused Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei of allegedly hacking state-owned BSNL’s network.
Heavy engineering and technology firms, especially those with connections with China’s military establishment, have always been viewed with suspicion in India. Chinese firms like Huawei, ZTE, Cosco and ZPMC have all been the subject of security concerns. ZPMC was one of the firms affected by India’s rules barring Chinese companies for port projects.
In February, former minister of state for communications and IT Killi Kruparani informed the Lok Sabha that an incident of alleged hacking of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited’s network by the Chinese telecom company Huawei had come to the government’s notice.
“The government has constituted an interministerial team to investigate the matter,” Kruparani said in a written reply in parliament without giving details. In 2013, reports had suggested that a BSNL mobile tower in Andhra Pradesh had been hacked by engineers of a Chinese firm. Concerns had also been expressed when BSNL awarded a major part of its network expansion tender, covering 10.15 million lines to ZTE, another Chinese company, in 2012.
Huawei was also a contender for this tender. With Chinese companies emerging as the biggest suppliers of hardware and software to Indian telecom firms, a parliamentary panel had recommended in 2012 that the government should test the telecom equipment for security. The committee also suggested that India should consider the US model of auditing telecom equipments that can have serious security implications.’

In many ways China is not communist. The vast number of billionaires who are party members proves this. In other ways, however, they truly are. Beijing’s obsessive need for control over commercial assets proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt.


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Tales From the Crypt-Living in China Lesson #1- Don’t Tell the Cops Where You Live

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 23, 2014

Living in China is like being dragged down a gravel road in your bananna hammock, its quite painful. Thousands of years of abuse has encrusted the heart of these people with an impermeable scab which nothing short of atomic devastation can cure.

With that heart-rendering background, I thought I should share some of my wisdom from living in hell, or as you like to call it, China.

I have incredible ADD so cannot promise anything in the long term but right now this sounds like a great idea. Each day I think of it I will share a life lesson for anyone who is considering going to China. Consider it my word for the wise.

Big brother is alive and well in China, avoid him at all costs
China is spooky, the people watch everything. They have been brainwashed into thinking we are all out to get them and their reaction to this untruth is to watch every move we make. All foreigners must be up to no good, they reason, for there are 1.4 billion Chinese wanting to get out. Who in their right mind wants to come in!

Bearing that in mind, they watch us. I am not joking. The local cops tell people in your apartment building to keep an eye out on you. They figure us to be lecherous drug addicts hell bent on sleeping with all that which the Chinese approximate to be women.

A friend of mine was actually canned from two teaching jobs for just that, but that’s beside the point. They have 1,400,000,000 people and 200,000 riots per year. Don’t they have bigger fish to fry than to spy on some university professor? Apparently not.

Lie to the cops about where you live
China is essentially a police state and within one or two days of moving in you have to notify the gestapo of your place of residence. The cops are picky about this. You can get high at Beijing or Guangzhou and chances are you are ok. Buy a hooker near the hutongs, no problem. But fail to register where you live and you will be standing in the pokey next to some Chinese Nobel Prize winner.

Aside from the obvious reasons for doing this, ie they don’t want to waste time finding us when the next major clash occurs, is that they can screw with your internet connection. The communists are as afraid of information and truth as they are of Japanese invaders. The way they curtail that is with hardcore cyber tools. Once they know where you live they have your IP address and can ensure your VPN is blocked.

For those who don’t know, a VPN is a secure network which allows you to bypass the Great Wall of Oppression and surf the net like a human.

Which brings me to my conclusion. For years I paid some realtor to lie about where I lived. During that time my VPN worked like a charm. Once I was forced to tell the truth about my residence the VPN was at times useless. For example, I could not access Gmail even while using it. The only thing I can think of is how divulging my whereabouts hosed me.

Lesson learned, buddy up to some apartment pimp, ie realtor and slip him 100 RMB to forge a contract and take it to the PSB and register a fake address for you. Tell him you don’t want your ex finding you or something, it is China, they do almost anything for some coin.


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Wall Street Journal Self-Sensoring in China?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 22, 2014

Greatfire.org is an excellent site which keeps an eye on the baboons in Beijing. In the excerpt below we see how the Wall Street Journal has sold out to the communist party, following Bloomberg in so doing.


Earlier today, we broke the news that Reuters Chinese and WSJ Chinese were practicing self-censorship concerning the Hong Kong democracy protests. While we have not yet heard back from Reuters, we have received vehement denial from WSJ Chinese editor Li Yuan and WSJ editor-in-chief Gerard Baker via Twitter.

Li Yuan asked via Twitter whether we at GreatFire.org were aware that WSJ had been blocked in China for four months (the implication being that because the website is already blocked, they have no reason to self-censor). It appears that she did not take the time to read our report at all before commenting.

@niubi If you don’t read Chinese, call me to check your facts. ChineseWSJ has been blocked in China for 4 months; @GreatFireChina Do U know?

— Li Yuan (@LiYuan6) September 29, 2014

Here’s the quote from our report which is the second paragraph of the article:

In November 2013, China blocked WSJ Chinese and Reuters Chinese for a few days. The act was meant to intimidate both companies and to warn them that they have to keep their content in line with Beijing. WSJ Chinese was subsequently blocked for goodin June 2014 after the site posted multiple news items related to the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests on the website’s front page. Reuters Chinese did not post anything related to the June anniversary and remained unblocked.

You may recall that Bloomberg has been accused of curbing articles that might anger Chinaafter their site was blocked in China and the company received pressure from the Chinese government over their business operations in the country.

The main purpose of our website GreatFire.org is to test what internet websites are being blocked in China. We automatically test the Great Firewall of China and update a list of blocked websites in real time. We also keep an eye on developments related to censorship in China.

Li Yuan also provided a list of articles about Hong Kong and featured one article covering the protest. That one article was published after our original report.



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China and Russia Agree to Hack Together? WTF?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 22, 2014

Russia and China deserve each other. A communist country and its ex-pimp, together form an integral component in the demise of the world as we know it. Russia is broke and terror attacks are up in China. The last time the head CCP thug Xi went to Xinjiang, there were multiple bombings nearby.

The APEC summit will be held in hell/Beijing this year and it is being locked down. I heard all businesses were told to shutter their doors for that week. I guess the communists are really really worried about violent protests.

A sign of the times in terms of Russia and China is that they are signing a cyber-security agreement. I guess thus means they will share all the stuff they steal. Not long ago the Russian mafia mob into China to teach the communist klutzes how to do it properly.

An unprecedented treaty on cybersecurity cooperation could be signed during Vladimir Putin’s state visit to China in November, a Russian business daily reports.

Popular newspaper Kommersant quoted unnamed sources “close to the Kremlin” as saying that the final text of the “two-sided agreement on cooperation in the field of information security” was not ready yet, but officials hope the document will be signed on November 10.

The draft treaty states the two countries oppose the use of information technology to meddle in the internal affairs of independent states, to undermine national sovereignty as well as political, economic and social stability and public order, Kommersant reported.

The daily’s sources also added that Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping were expected to deliver a joint address on cybersecurity in the course of Putin’s visit to China.

According to Kommersant the Russian-Chinese treaty will be much greater in scale than a similar agreement signed between Russia and the United States in 2013. The Russia-US pact only worked at getting out of acute crises through measures like creating dedicated hotlines between national authorities for quick problem-solving. The treaty with China would allow the development of joint projects and conducting joint cybersecurity operations.


Are their members touching?

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Buy Alibaba and Support Chinese Communists

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 21, 2014

Some weird looking guy called ‘Jack’ Ma created a mashup Chinese internet company. The communists in Beijing helped him by saying ‘close sesame’ to foreign firms, giving him monopoly rights in China. Such a favor has a cost, however, and now Jack Ma is paying Beijing back. For the right to be the richest man in China, Ma has had to dole out the cash. For example, he just bought a ‘company’ run by the wife of a Chinese Military General, with a $500 million price tag. But that was just part and parcel of the communist payoff, check this out:

“To say, however, that Ma’s gargantuan success only comes from simple opportunism and bootstrapping know-how is disingenuous. What some investors who rushed to pick Alibaba stock may not know is that the company is hugely reliant on the Chinese government for continued success. The same government that brutally admonishes civil rights, enforces mass censorship, and creates inherently unfair economic playgrounds is now using Ma as a consulate to the world economy.

Jack Ma, far from being an everyman, has a “lips-to-teeth” relationship with Communist leaders in China, and it’s a relationship that has proven profitable for both ends. Because of how Ma has structured Alibaba, the tech superpower can withhold the power most investors will assume they have upon purchasing a share.

Contrary to the “one share, one vote” system of most publicly traded companies, Ma and his Board of Directors are able to hold impenetrable power over the company while actually holding very few shares.

This is not just dangerous to U.S. investors; it sets a precedent that, for most American companies, would be entirely unacceptable. Who does control Alibaba outside of Ma himself is a far more complex question.

Through a dense thicket of shell companies, Caribbean tax havens, and Alibaba’s opaque management system, Communist Party leaders regularly are given favor by Ma in a way that can prove dangerous to U.S. investors and companies.

Back in July, the New York Times reported on how Alibaba’s IPO “could be a bonanza” for members of the Politburo Standing Committee, one of the centers of power in the Chinese government. In short, four Chinese firms—all headed by sons or grandsons of members of the PSC—were selectively sold Alibaba shares so the company could buy back part of what it sold to Yahoo.

This is the perfect example of how Alibaba is structured: to take advantage of a lack of law enforcement within Chinese commerce to the detriment of a U.S. firm.”

So there you have it. Jack Ma is making communists fat and happy and we Americans are footing the bill.

I don’t know about you, but giving billions to the same guys who have threatened us with nuclear war is a little scary. Shouldn’t we be discouraging this sort of thing? Does it make sense for us to fellate members of that government which has said that they cannot peacefully coexist with us?

Time will tell just how stupid we are, but to me its pretty obvious. America is for sale and China is buying.

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Huawei Phone of Choice for Chinese Communists

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 18, 2014

It is official, Huawei is the forced phone of choice for China’s modern mandarins. Combining protectionism with stupidity, I mean security, the communist party has mandated that all of its officials use Huawei phones. This makes sense, after all; Huawei is run by communist faithful and supposedly uses his gear to spy for Beijing. This makes it much easier for CCP Xi to keep tabs on his frenemies from afar. Instead of tapping, LG’s Samsung’s and Apples, he only needs to tell Ren Zhingfei to keep track of what is going on. Based on his track record, Ren will have no ethical problem with doing just that.

Excerpt from wantchinatimes.com

Huawei and their smartphone business have not exactly garnered good press in the past – especially when there were allegations of Huawei churning out spyphones for the China government, which the company vehemently denied. Subsequently, it is said that Huawei themselves decided to pull out from the U.S. market, where we then learned that the tables were turned afterwards with the NSA being accused of spying on Huawei instead. Having said that, it seems as though officials over in China will have a spanking new smartphone soon – and it will not hail from the likes of Samsung, LG, HTC or other big name players, but from Huawei themselves.

It seems that Samsung smartphones have made it to the list of banned mobile devices in which Chinese officials are unable to use. As for the reason given behind such a ban? The answer is pretty simple – due to security issues, not to mention the possibility of the Chinese government working to boost the development of local manufacturers.

Huawei, being one of the largest smartphone makers in China, will hopefully be able to offer decent powered smartphones to the Chinese officials, since the officials themselves will not be able to get their hands on anything Samsung, Apple, or the other more established brand names anytime soon when it comes to the official work phone.

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