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Mainland is Mum On Hong Kong Protests

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 2, 2014

Hong Kong is upset with China. I guess they just do not like the brutal oppression that the communists have to offer. But then again, who would?

The fact is that China is slowly turning Hong Kong into a piece of China, aka shite.

Here are shots of the mobs ‘just saying no’ to communism.

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Fake Hooters in China? WTF, Chinese Knockoff Everything

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 2, 2014

If the Chinese spent one- tenth as much time inventing as they did stealing, sleeping and spitting, they would rule the world.


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Thus is too funny. A small town in China made a fake Hooters.

Excerpt from here– ‘China produces fakes of everything, I mean that literally (1). But would you believe there’s even a knock-off version of the Hooters Restaurant in Yongchuan, China?image

Of course, the Chinese knockoff Rolexes and RayBans, but that is a fraction of their piracy portfolio. In China, one can find faux eggs, rice (2), beef (3) and toilet paper (4)(5). One even can find imitation journalists (6) and fake police. (7)

So prevalent is mimicry that it extends to architecture. Duplitecture, or copying famous buildings are a hallmark of the PRC today. China is home to scads of built-to-scale reproductions of the White House, European villas and even Eiffel Towers. The Chinese literally recreate picture perfect copies of the world’s most famous buildings and landmarks.

Some contend this a form of cultural appropriation rooted in China’s five thousand year history. Emperors, it was said, reconstructed icons of conquered foreign lands. They did this so that they never had to leave China to enjoy them. Another message this sent was that the emperor had power. He could move heaven and earth if he wanted. What is yours was his, or so it seemed. Whether that model still exists today is anybody’s guess, but recreating alien artifacts abound.

Bianka Bosker wrote about China’s affinity for architectural mimicry in her book ‘Original Copies’. She drove around China and detailed their prevalence and meaning. Ms. Bosker said mimicry was a harmless form of expression, and to a certain extent she is right. Of course, all the Chinese know that the real Eiffel Tower is in Paris, but not everyone can afford to visit. What is the harm with seeing the replica in Hangzhou? The same cannot be said for the ‘Hooters’ that I recently came across, however. It was not merely a case of duplitecture, but outright deceit. Even the employees believed it to be real, but it was not.’
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Hong Kong Protests Chinese Occupation

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 2, 2014

Hing Hong is the latest poece of land to be occupied by the mainland Chinese locusts. In its wake, the communists in Beijing have left despair in a place once vibrant and filled with life.

The longer China occupies Hing Kong, the crapper HK becomes. I can that in fifteen to twenty years H k will be nothing but a crack in the filthy cement of the Beijing monstrosity.

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