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Beijing Unleashes ‘Million Monster Militia’ to Protect The Capital

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 3, 2014

Those caring commies have mobilized one million people to ensure that Beijing has a happy 65th birthday. I always wondered what those ex-red Guards are doing these days, but now I know.

Excerpt from the Chinadaily

Beijing has strengthened its public security controls with over 1 million personnel and 2,000 contingency police officers to guarantee a safe National Holiday as China celebrates its 65th anniversary this Wednesday.

According to the municipal committee of politics and law, the capital has launched “level II public security control” and “level I extraordinary control” in key areas. Some 850,000 volunteers and another 400,000 security patrollers will be involved, covering all areas in the city.

Meanwhile, a “city moat project” was launched where militiamen and volunteers will guard over 300 bridges and underground passages along the second and third ring roads.

An unnamed source at a subdistrict office close to the national stadium in Chaoyang district told the Global Times that the order to raise the level of security came about 10 days ago but public mobilization for security control during major events goes back for decades ago.

“This is a volunteer system with Chinese characteristics. It usually involves senior citizens, most of whom are members of the Communist Party of China. Their familiarity with their residential areas has made them the best eyes and ears for us to look out for any potential danger,” said the source, adding that one out of 10 residents in his subdistrict is a volunteer.

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