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China Forcibly Relocating Ethnic Minorities? Oppression Alert

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 4, 2014

The communist party is doing what it can to ‘Hanify’ its ethnic minorities. There are 56 distinct ethnicities in China and the ‘Han’ comprise 92% of that number. That is not enough, however.

China considers itself the son of Han and anything less than 99.999% Han blood is unacceptable. Unfortunately for them, an indian corn toothed, round headed guy with the bone density of Helium is not what most women consider an ideal mate. I guess most females figure that a guy whose body weight is reduced by half when he removes his glasses, is not sexy. But the Han Chinese plug on.

They would like nothing more than to pacify all non- Hans by forcing them to breed with the ‘better race’. The non-Han’s however, are not interested.

Beijing then resorted to a mult-pronged approach by offering cash to minorities who married down. This program was an abject failure, as anyone but a Han would expect. In The next phase the Chinese then created a love cartoon featuring a Muslim harlot who had fallen head over heals for some Chinese Emperor. The idea was to romanticize such relationships, creating an excess demand of Chinese men. As could be predicted, this too failed.

Now the Chinese are literally forcing the minorities off their land and bringing in Hans. What is really funny is that Beijing wonders why these people are lighting off bombs every fortnight just to let Beijing know how they feel.

Try as they might, Non- Hans will inevitably rely on the five knuckle shuffle as opposed to wedding one of their own.

Excerpt from the GlobalTimes
In its latest move to promote ethnic integration in less- developed regions, China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region is building a pilot settlement for residents from multiple ethnicities in a rural desert area outside the city of Hotan as a social experiment to facilitate cultural exchanges and curb terror activities.

Analysts have expressed their approval for the plan to build such a settlement in southern Xinjiang’s Hotan, which has a Uyghur population of more than 95 percent, but cautioned that the high cost could impede the government from promoting similar settlements elsewhere.

According to the Xinjiang Daily on Sunday, the 6,700 mu, or 447 hectares, residential community, intended to help foster economic and social integration among different ethnic groups, is currently under construction in the desert outside the city of Hotan, and will be ready for residents to move in at the end of this year.

The new settlement will consist of 600 housing apartments and 600 greenhouses. Built on an area with abundant groundwater, it will provide every household with a greenhouse, a courtyard and 0.33 hectares of fruit orchard to facilitate agricultural entrepreneurialism.

Over 6,000 peasant households from minority ethnic groups and 700 Han farmers from nearby villages and townships have applied to move into the community, and will go through a selection process competing for the 600 openings. The criteria for selection have yet to be disclosed.

Multi-ethnic integration was one of the key issues at the second central work conference on Xinjiang held in Beijing in May, during which President Xi Jinping called for the region to build communities for residents of different ethnic groups will boost understanding by living, working, and studying together.

2 Responses to “China Forcibly Relocating Ethnic Minorities? Oppression Alert”

  1. Change said

    what a disgusting race these chinese are. ugly, stupid and incredible ignorant. cruel weak and stupid.

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