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China’s Huawei to Build Huge Danish Data Theft Center- WTF?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 4, 2014

How crazy is this? Denmark has allowed Huawei, a notorious Chinese military spy arm- allegedly, to build up its 4g telecommunications network. I guess that data integrity is not on the Danes radar screen as of yet.

Huawei is a scary, tight lipped Chinacommunist firm with deep ties to the government and military. It has been proven that Huawei gear is not secure and that Huawei installs backdoors into its kit.
Why anyone would trust a Chunese telco, let alone Huawei, is beyond me.

Mobile equipment manufacturer Huawei will supply the equipment and operation of its mobile network to a total of $ 4 billion. Director denies that there is reason to be worried about being watched by Beijing.

By Martin Bernth and Jacob Møllerhøj September 18, 2013 at.12:59

TDC has chosen the Chinese mobile equipment manufacturer Huawei to build and operate the Danish virksomhedes mobile network. Huawei must make sure that all corners of the kingdom will be covered with a 4G connection that TDC is obliged to provide by 2015 agreement has a total value of approximately four billion dollars over six years.

“It’s a really solid agreement that we have signed.Huawei is one of the world’s most innovative players in the mobile network technologies. The agreement provides, among other things, that all base stations in the mobile network will be replaced with the latest equipment and software, “says CEO Carsten Dilling from TDC in a press release .

“The Danes will soon feel the effects of the agreement in terms of better coverage and higher speeds of mobile Internet. The agreement is so ambitious that we expect to meet our obligations in good time before the deadline in our 4G license, “he added.

Several critics, primarily in the United States, have expressed concerns about Chinese manufacturers have built-in backdoors to their telecommunications equipment, as Chinese authorities can use to interception and monitoring. The concern is trying TDC to address the press release to emphasize that throughout the negotiation process has been in close dialogue with particular the competent Danish authority in the field, the Centre for Cyber ​​Security, which is part of the Military Intelligence Service.

“Every time we TDC makes arrangements to our infrastructure, it is common practice that we involve the relevant Danish security authorities. This we have done in this case, and we have had a very intense, good and constructive dialogue with particularCenter for Cyber ​​Security. I believe that we have arrived with a good and safe solution for both our customers and for the country, “says Carsten Dilling in the press release.


2 Responses to “China’s Huawei to Build Huge Danish Data Theft Center- WTF?”

  1. Change said

    the danes are fucking stupid.

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