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Beijing Threatens Hong Kong, Will they Roll Out the Tanks Again?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 5, 2014

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Beijing is long in ‘bore speak’ but short on logic, as is seen in excerpts from the article ‘Here is the full text of the Chinese Communist Party’s message to Hong Kong’


Beijing states that
“Occupy Central” will obstruct Hong Kong’s smooth transition to democracy.” Link

Hmmm, that sounds odd, especially when coming from a one-party communist dictatorship. How does the ‘occupy central’ movement hinder Hong Kong’s transition to democracy? Especially when HK is now being put under communist rule? Wouldn’t it have been more likely that they would democratize under the Brits?

Perhaps I am being hasty. I should consider the following:
Will HK enjoy the same democratic processes that the rest of China does? Or will they get that special treatment that only Xinjiang and Tibet partake in.



After all, China is known as a paragon of democracy even though throughout its 5000 year history it has never even toyed with the idea.

Moving along, the communists had this to say:

CCP speak
“The Standing Committee’s August 31 decision on the general election of the Special Administrative Region’s chief executive ”

the modern emperors have made a decision, so shut your pie hole HK.

CCP speak
“is based on the provisions of the basic law”
Continue here http://wp.me/p4QmXZ-fV

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