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Chinese Phone Xiaomi Swipes User Data

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 11, 2014

China has made theft an integral part of their DNA. Here is a prime exapmle…

I do not know if this should be considered a feature or a flaw. China’s Xiaomi phones can steal bankcard data.

Excerpt-‘Chinese woman accidentally discovered that its Xiaomi smartphone has the capability to steal bank card data via near field communication.
A report issued by the Nanjing-based Yangtse Evening News states that smartphones produced by Chinese Xiaomi are able to steal bank card data from wireless connections. Rumors reports that a woman from Nanjing has revealed to the newspaper that her new Xiaomi smartphone managed to automatically pick up private account details from a bank card stored in close proximity.

The woman, surnamed Feng, was surprised by noticing that the data was displayed directly on the display of her device, the data sent to the smartphone included the card number stored in close proximity and the account’s last 10 transactions with related amounts and locations.

“Feng, who said she had not accessed her bank account on her phone or entered her password, initially thought it may have been the work of spyware, though she soon realized it was an automatic function because her bank card could still be read even after she closed all running applications.” states the WChina Times.

The journalists at Yangtse Evening News decided to verify Feng’s revelation and confirmed that near field communication (NFC) mode had been activated on her Xiaomi device.
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China Invites Jimmy Carter for a Visit and then Humiliates Him

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 11, 2014

Jimmy Carter paved the way for US-China relations when he was president. He still is a panda hugger and believes that the dictators in Beijing will one day change. The following from wantchinatimes.com show him just how wrong that belief is.

The piece explains how Carter was humiliated while visiting China and treated like a knave. I would feel sorry for him, but do not. If he was that naive and truly believed that in the cavernous gap of treachery that Chinese call their soul Carter would actually find compassion and humanity, then he deserves what he gets.

Note to the rest of the world: if you think that after 5000 years China will ever change, then Do us all a favor and apply for Chinese citizenship, see how that suits you.


Former US president Jimmy Carter was mistreated during his visit to China in September despite his contribution to the establishment of formal ties between Washington and Beijing 35 years ago, according to a scholar who was traveling with him.

Orville Schell, director of the Center on US-China Relations at the Asia Society in New York, wrote in The New York Review of Books that what Carter received was “chiru”–which means humiliation in Chinese.

The former president, seeking to raise funds for his Carter Center, was given a fee to present and speak in various locations in China. On his first stop at Renmin University of China in Beijing, Carter was put on the panel at a global finance forum to talk about business topics instead of speaking about the US-China relationship, as Schell had imagined.

Carter, who was given a short time to present, spoke after an address from the university president and talks from trading specialists. Only one single question was addressed directly to him.

“Watching this former US president treated so offhandedly highlighted how the power relationship between the two countries is shifting: it is now not only the West that has wealth,” Schell wrote.

The Chinese side blocked a visiting scholar from delivering a speech at the Great Hall of the People without warning and Carter’s itinerary for Shanghai and Qingdao was changed without his approval.

Carter and China’s president, Xi Jinping, have met four times in the past, but neither Xi nor Premier Li Keqiang showed up to greet the 90-year-old former US president. At a dinner hosted by Vice President Li Yuanchao at the Great Hall of the People, Carter, his wife Rosalynn and other American visitors sat at half-empty tables. They were told that President Xi had met with Zimbabwean president and international pariah Robert Mugabe just days earlier and was in the Great Hall of the People toasting Malaysia’s head of state Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah the very moment of the dinner.

“But Xi didn’t stop by the Carter dinner to say a word,” Schell wrote in the article.

Schell picked up six newspapers and found that none of them had mentioned Carter’s visit. Only the English-language China Daily carried a brief article titled “Turkey Feast Honors China-US Relations” and it was published with a photo not of Carter but of some student performers at the banquet.

“At one point I heard from sources close to him that Carter was upset enough to consider just packing up and going home,” Schell wrote.

“What made the dinner in the Great Hall all the more unsettling was the feeling that a whiff of “humiliation”–chiru–hovered over it.”

“The [Communist] Party has for many years emphasized China’s history of being humiliated and exploited by foreign powers. To feel a gust of Chinese reaction now coming back the other way left me wanting to leave early that night,” Schell said.

Carter was president when the United States transferred diplomatic recognition from Taipei to Beijing in 1979, a decisive moment in the history of Sino-US relations. In this light, the former president’s reception in China appears to be a remarkable slight.

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