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Chinese Phone Xiaomi Swipes User Data

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 11, 2014

China has made theft an integral part of their DNA. Here is a prime exapmle…

I do not know if this should be considered a feature or a flaw. China’s Xiaomi phones can steal bankcard data.

Excerpt-‘Chinese woman accidentally discovered that its Xiaomi smartphone has the capability to steal bank card data via near field communication.
A report issued by the Nanjing-based Yangtse Evening News states that smartphones produced by Chinese Xiaomi are able to steal bank card data from wireless connections. Rumors reports that a woman from Nanjing has revealed to the newspaper that her new Xiaomi smartphone managed to automatically pick up private account details from a bank card stored in close proximity.

The woman, surnamed Feng, was surprised by noticing that the data was displayed directly on the display of her device, the data sent to the smartphone included the card number stored in close proximity and the account’s last 10 transactions with related amounts and locations.

“Feng, who said she had not accessed her bank account on her phone or entered her password, initially thought it may have been the work of spyware, though she soon realized it was an automatic function because her bank card could still be read even after she closed all running applications.” states the WChina Times.

The journalists at Yangtse Evening News decided to verify Feng’s revelation and confirmed that near field communication (NFC) mode had been activated on her Xiaomi device.
Read more here

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